Friday, April 11, 2014


Sometimes I miss writing, but I love the life I have now, busy, crazy and filled with daily fun.  Life has a funny way in teaching you what it means with moments flying by.  For now my words rest in my heart and I know when the time comes they will come out again in the poetry I use to talk in.  The stories that I have will find it's way out, and in the end my life is what it should be.

With every season in your life certain things grow and others fade, but this does not mean you have to mourn the changes.  NO it means you can celebrate what you have now, how you think, talk and react.  Maybe I finally grew up, maybe I finally found the peace I so needed. The words and thoughts I have now is calmer, and I speak a different language, to find my voice in the new improved me is what is needed.

Keep smiling in the end it really is not as bad as you think.


Charles Gramlich said...

Life has its periods. Sometimes writing is front and center. sometimes not.Enjoy the whole journey.

the walking man said...

We need to be able to let our world rotate into whatever season comes upon us and learn to be satisfied in it, Driz. Be Well.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

We can wait for your writing, Drizel. Take as long as it takes.