Monday, March 04, 2013

Love with strangers.

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I need to know,
if you are there.
Between nothing
and everything.

Bad dreams drawing blood.
Empty sheets,
drowned sorrows.
In tears that seldom dry.

Stars forgot the answer.
Oceans whisper forgotten love.
I beat my soul,
blood seeping through.

scream at strangers!

Hoping you hear me.
I cannot love,
without you here.

Enough the reason,
I have to be love.
Bruises hidden
behind stories of ink.

Only one without a name,

Feel me,
know me,
be me.


the walking man said...

Driz I like what you have done here. The progression in the narrative to the last are you screaming out to another or calling to yourself at the end. Stunning piece of writing if you ask me.

Brian Miller said...

Stars forgot the answer.
Oceans whisper forgotten love.
I beat my soul,
blood seeping through.

scream at strangers!

nice...i like the zoom out and zoom back in within this section...and i think on some level we all want to know there is someone else there...

Charles Gramlich said...

Screaming in the dark! Thumbs up

Drizel said...

O my word Walking man coming from you I have no words as you are an exceptional poet, thank you:0)
Yes Brian I wish we could get an answer every now and then:)
Thanks dear Charles :)

Buffy said...

Definite like.

Drizel said...

Thanks Buffy :)