Friday, February 22, 2013


Rub me off,
on your skin.
leave marks,
where you need me in.

Take me down into darkness,
I fear you know I am.
I break out, to break free.
Once again,
I am at your mercy.
Fragile I am none.
Weak, you never saw me.

Rub me off,
on your soul.
Leave marks,
where there was none.


the walking man said...

Well said Driz- unfortunately there is no unmarked, un-scarred portion of my soul left. What can i say? I have a life and i am living it as i have since i went afoul of Frosts two paths and made my own.

Drizel said...

My friend, like a poet needs to pain, how would we feel words if we where untouched??? :) HUGZ