Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red/ Rooi

Wrote this some time ago.

red is a color
brightly bursting open;
take it, eat it.
taste every drop of color.

red drips off your lips.
lick it again.
over and over.

addiction is your cure.
ask more,
take it.

become the pleasure.
enjoy the lust.
bright red juices.
everything controlled.
Red is a color.

vat weer
rooi is 'n kleur;
helder oop gebars.
neem dit, eet dit.

proe elke druppel kleur.
rooi drup van jou lippe,
lek dit weer.
oor en oor.

verslawing is jou kuur,
meer is vra.
neem dit.

smul in genot.
lus vir plesier.
die helder pienk sap.
als in beheer,
rooi is 'n kleur.


Charles Gramlich said...

As powerful as the color red itself.

Drizel said...

@ Charles Red is so amazing....I love it.

Drizel said...
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Inconsequential said...



...you look...


Nice to have a read...

Drizel said...

Hey In, are you writing again, was on your blog the other day and it was just old stuff. Yes I have changes allot, lost 27kg :) New life :) HUGZZZZz

Anji said...

I've enjoyed reading your poems, they are really powerful...

ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for over two years.

Drizel said...

Thanks Anji