Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The created

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I am the all knowing,
created in words,
and books.
with chapters.
followed by many,
feared by more.

Damned you are,
for not believing.
Damned you are,
as I made you so.

Do not think freely,
such lies you know.
fire burn,
I remind you so.

Walk in straight lines,
My wrath will keep you silent.
Unique thoughts,
are hated like peace.

You that love and let love,
there is no such thing as freedom.
You will do as I say,
I gave you free will, let me remind you.
I knew you before you where human,
you where part of My energy.
You chose to be,
this life is all you know.

People keep straight lines,
they love the power - you know.
Talk in my words, as they know My thoughts.
Create fear for Me,
that's how they have power.

Be free,
Be love,
Be nothing but great.
I know your heart,
I made you so.


the walking man said...

That is a novelists God complex succinctly put Driz! Love it because poets are so humble and shit, you know just too cool to do that.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I've read this ten times in the last hour. Reading this makes me eel like I want to keep it secret that I know of it and not tell anyone.

Drizel said...

Walking Man, o nothing I have ever written was called succinctly, how awesome. Thanks so much, I am just tired of the bullshit:)
Wayne there are many secrets we as humans share, if we listen with our souls we will know all of humanity. MWAH

mingming ni said...

nice poem~
Be free,
Be love,
Be nothing but great.
I know your heart,
I made you so.
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Drizel said...

Thank you :)