Thursday, August 16, 2012

small screens

google images
I want you now,
between fake smiles
push up bra's
and bad taste,
life fakes us up.

I want you now stripped,
of makeup,
pretentious religions,
perfectly spoken words.

I take what I want,
knowledge in power,
information overload.
flickering screen,
no interaction.

I lick your skin,
hoping I can taste you,
know you,
be with you.
Nothing will distract you.

I will stand naked,
Trying to understand,
No action.

We live,
but we are not alive.
we sit in small screens,
lusting over hours.
pretending we know it all.
pretend satisfaction.
fake love to go
with our fake emotions.


the walking man said...

I think this shows a true blossoming maturity to your writing Driz.

This is one of many blossoming awareness's that we overcome and move beyond, But we all have to get there before we can move away.

Charles Gramlich said...

It gets harder and harder to know what is natural and what is acquired over time. I'm not sure there's any telling with most of us.

Drizel said...

Walking man :) I am struggling with the moving on part, but I guess its the stripping of layers before I get there.

Yes, Charles I think Time is key.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Quite the amazing piece, Drizel. I think you are staring Act Two the last few weeks.

Drizel said...

Thank you Wayne:)