Friday, July 20, 2012

death will lust

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shut your mouth,
with force I take you.
smell my skin,
you won't deny me.

I need to feel your fear,
weak and slow, you fight back.

Do not fear me.

Push hard,
fall to the floor.
cry to gods who care.

I have risen from death,
to find you here.
my soul a mirror of my face.

You know my voice,
I taste your skin,
why you fear me,
only you will know.

Blood on skin,
lust on love,
who knew death
could taste so sweet.

Stop your breath,
join me now.
we forever fly within the sky.


Charles Gramlich said...

powerful and frightening.

Drizel said...

you telling me:)

the walking man said...

Interesting! I take the same attitude, why fight the inevitable, when the moment comes i will embrace that creature and go where it takes me.

Drizel said...

one really has no choice, fighting will just delay everything:0)