Saturday, April 07, 2012

Internal love

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The night air slowly caress her skin as she moves through shadows. These streets are known to her decade by decade, but their brutal hate always makes her fear her own brutality.  The alleys seems more uneven than usual and she struggles to balance her thoughts and body in the same direction.  Lee was so peaceful when she left him lying there, his pink flesh open for her to take but she dare not drink him dry.  He was the only one that picked her up when she was lying fragile on these uneven streets.

He never asked what she was and she never showed her true colours to him completely.  He was her saviour and she was his muse and they could not survive without each other.  

She moved faster now her victim seems to pick up pace, but still does not suspect she is right behind him. His    skin pale white, she smells the sent of his sweet blood. Soft musk on sweaty skin lingers behind him, it entice her senses this is someone that's alive and healthy.  He gets home and slowly unlocks the front door. The cat races pass him hissing in anger.  Quickly she slips in behind him before he closes the front door,  He briefly suspects her presence and stands dazed at the door.  She feels the blood pulse through his veins as his heartbeat rises and calms.

He leaves his sling bag at the door and she slowly follows him from the shadows.  She follows the scent of his pounding blood, and stops in the hallway when he putts the kitchen light on.  He switch the kettle on and looks in the fridge.  She waits patiently, this is the hardest of the entire feed.  Waiting for the perfect moment.

She decides to leave him in the kitchen and goes up the stairs slowly and carefully, there is always a chance someone is also home.  She senses through the air and realize she planned everything perfectly there is no one but him.

Patiently she sits on his bed and smell the scent of his manliness on his sheets. Eventually he comes up the stairs and again he sense her, she smell it in his raising blood.  He gets to his bedroom door and stops.  As he reaches for the light switch she grabs him by the wrist and violently push him against the wall.  She press her body against his, and takes his fear in.  She grabs both his wrist in her powerful grip and press them with strength against the wall both sides of his head.  Normally her victim starts screaming and pleading for their lives but not him.  She sense his heartbeat slowing down again. She Frown as she loosens her grip slightly and then his voice breaks the silence.

" I can free you! "he says behind his breathe.


the walking man said...

Driz...needs a little grammar edit but beyond the technical I loved your twist at the end, the hunter and prey role reversal and the finding of two like souls. I guess age and determination decides which is dominant eh?

Good Job!

Charles Gramlich said...

Neat ending. Very emotional.

Drizel said...

Thanks Man :) will defo look at the grammar havent written anything longer than poetry in english for a while now.
Thanks Charles I felt it.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Yep, a little bit of editing, but I can't copy edit worth poop. Ask Charles. Still, very moving. Your approach to each long piece is unique.

laughingwolf said...

too cool :)

Lotta Marilla said...

nice:D i found your blog, this is lovely! And yeees i'm girl from Finland;) i will read your blog.
my blog ^ maybe anybody can't understand 'cause it's in Finnish, but nice if somebody can look it:)

Drizel said...

Hi Lotta, thanks for stopping by, I will check out your blog for sure. Have a lovely day.

Lotta Marilla said...

thanks for you (: