Monday, October 03, 2011

When you get there.

the wind knows those screams,
it makes it's own voice heard
around random corners.

break free from norms, 
get dragged in deeper.
shout out loud,
no one will stop to listen.
They walk too fast to care.

We all have our passion,
we all know our pain.
We sing in the shower,
we cry in the rain.

Say thank you to the gods, 
curse through the pain.
The endless road to no where,
is the only way to go.


Charles Gramlich said...

I used to cry in the rain. That way the tears are hidden from all but yourself.

Drizel said...

Yes this is exactly it:)

Mario said...

yes indeed, all too often others pass by too quickly to take notice of our hurts. Awesome photo. and i hope you are feeling better. being sick is the worst.

Drizel said...

Hey Mario yes I am much better thank you for asking. And thanks for the comment:)

Tadoette said...

Thanks for joining in my blog. You seem to be a wonderful person, i can tell by reading your poems.... hoping you are having a fine day!!! XO

Drizel said...

Thanks and same to you Tadoette:)