Wednesday, October 12, 2011

R for Repeat

Turn, turn.
toss and turn,
a lullaby
over and over.
You never,

Slow breathing,
night chills.
we will get there.
Not too fast.
I would like,
to keep you small.
Pressed against my chest.

Your hair smells
like you.
the curls keep you pretty.
your skin so soft.
tickles makes you giggle.
I would like,
to keep you small.
Just for a little bit.
My little baby girl.


Charles Gramlich said...

She looks happy!

Drizel said...

She is :)

the walking man said...

Well...a preteen anyway. That is when the great change of youth happens. But (and if you tell anyone this i will deny deny deny) I do miss the smell of my children when they were babies.

Drizel said...

I won't tell a soul.....and I think I will miss it too my friend:)

Brian Miller said... the smell of kids hair...would def love to keep them little...time goes way too fast!

Tadoette said...

what a cutie she is... that adorable smile is priceless. XO

Drizel said...

I agree Brian, way too fast.
Thanks Tadoette, she is my pretty girl:)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

This is beautiful. I was teary-eyed at the last few lines but that's how my week has been. Good writing, Drizel.

Drizel said...

Thanks Wayne...appreciated.