Monday, October 31, 2011

Past lies here

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Memories beat me down,
strangle me in nights
of random thoughts.

I trusted you,
to hide away
and leave me alone.
Alone in my present day.

You had to make it known,
had to beat me down.
to show me what you know.

I hide my eyes,
you pull them open,
to show me dead memories,
their pain bursting open.

I wish you just stayed there,
in the past.
between the shadows in my closet.


Charles Gramlich said...

I guess the past never stays in the closet. Or in the earth.

Patsy said...

This seems to be the time of year for memories.

Drizel said...

It never stays where you want it to stay:)

Drizel said...

Yes true Patsy, I think its xmas and the pending new year, and then also the year that past:)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

between the shadows


Drizel said...

Thank you:)

Tadoette said...

love it! XO