Friday, October 07, 2011

Gift to me.

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The paint dries when you stop staring.
The kettle boils when no one sees.
I was told the end is near,
but what seems like the end,
might be the beginning.

Fear is what holds you back,
strip your clothes, take the facade off.
The snarling grin, surely does not suite you.
Stop pretenses, you are who you will be.

Be free, be thankful.
Laugh, love, live.
There is no greater gift you give yourself.


Charles Gramlich said...

one end is another beginning.

Brian Miller said...

sounds like the way to live for me...smiles. have a great weekend....

the walking man said...

Perfectly stated...a personal declaration of freedom.

Tadoette said...

wonderful words! love it...

Drizel said...

@Charles: that is very true:)
@Brian: Hope you had a great weekend....and yes I feel this is the way for me.
@Walking man: YESSSSS
@Tadoette: Thank you:)

Mario said...

Awesome, Drizel. Peace within. Peace between. Peace among.