Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Stories and more

I am struggling to think of any poetry or stories might just be I am so over tired.
My baby does not sleep and I have allot of new projects going on.  I am very exited and very thankful for the universe that sends me all these amazing things.  I just really need to sleep a little bit, but as my mom explains I never slept until I was 3......o please let my little monster sleep soon 3 is still far away.  And I am not wishing her older so I can sleep that's for sure.

The music blog is running so nicely and I have received loads of great feedback and compliments.  There is also a few awesome interviews coming up.....eeekkkkk....lets hope I don't get star struck.\

Hows everyone? and thank you for the support over at Music news....I so appreciate it.



the walking man said...

Uhhh I sleep...maybe 4 hours a day and four hours an afternoon and maybe 7 or so at night but then all my babies are over 30. So see soon enough you'll be able to catch up on your sleep Etain.

Drizel said...

O just rub it in why don't ya.....hihihihihi:)
There is still hope thank goodness.... :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Hard to do anything without some sleep. HOpe you get some soon.