Thursday, September 15, 2011


say nothing
it falls on deaf ears,
of dead men.
words flop around,
they are fish out of water,
gasping for air in silence.
die a death of suffocation.

say something,
scream, curse, pray.
you know the rules,
spit, vomit, hate.
say only what is expected,
of you.
everything you say must,

perfect imperfection,
so you say nothing.
you let your words,
die alone in silence.
where no one judge,
where no one care.


Patsy said...

I think many people feel like that about their writing - so worried it will be judged as not good enough they don't want to try submitting it anywhere. I think that's a shame.

Drizel said...

Yes Patsy very true. What sometimes gets me it that people are so judgmental, and they have nothing behind their names to make them a "judge". I think we as humans are also scared of rejection and in effect it holds us back from greatness...... :(

Brian Miller said...

i feel this...i think a lot of that pressure we put on ourselves with imagined rules, but do feel it from others in their judgement....nice write

Drizel said...

Thanks Brian, yes I guess its fear that makes us hold back:)

Charles Gramlich said...

Sometimes it's so tiring being around folks, so many of whom are constantly judging. Makes me want to just hang out in the woods.

Drizel said...

I hear you Charles. I think if we all where more tolerant, the entire world would be a better place. But we ALL judge even if we try not too.
Hide is the woods to find little red ridding hood....hihihih :)