Friday, September 16, 2011


Before I sleep,
drown out my fears.
with whiskey,
tablets and cigarrettes.
Fowl language, sex and food,
time spent on nothing.

Slow motion
I venture into rooms,
of colored hazes.
Floating on a stream
of technicolor dreams.

In and out of life,
my breathe strangles me.

Death knows my name,
and whispers it softly to me.
Tantalizing my senses to be free.

His army of monsters,
licks flesh, take in every piece of me.
scratching deeper.
Drag me closer,
with needles of steel.
Blood is all that satisfy them.

Release in silence,
drift slowly into nothing,
my soul removed from body.

Knowing this will only last a lifetime.


Brian Miller said...

oy, yes i feel the hopelessness to addiction...reminds me a bit of the story behind american idiot by green day...well written and a bit eerie...smiles.

Drizel said...

Thanks :)
Yes I don't think anyone can really understand addiction even if you are trapped in it it makes no sense.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've always liked the thought of whiskey more than the actual stuff.

A.S. said...


A vida é para ser vivida intensamente, plena de sensações e de prazer!...


Drizel said...

Al, life full of sensation is pleasure is all there is, but it is when it brings you down, that it is no good anymore:)

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Sex is great if you are happy if not it is almost abuse, self abuse maybe.

Drizel said...

Yes this is so True C.J :(

laughingwolf said...

me, being part scot, i go for the single malt [whisky] ;)

as for lasting only for a lifetime, that's a good sign, elsewise it might last to infinity! :O lol

Drizel said...

hahahahahaha, did not think of it that way....good one:)

Ricardo Miñana said...

Ahogar miedos con pastillas y whisky puede resultar peligroso,
mejor ahogar miedos en el mar.

Drizel said...

Very dangerous indeed, thank you for the comment:)

laughingwolf said...

you did not ask which PART of me is scot! :P lol

Drizel said...

DO I dare ask! Hahahahha! Come on then tell us? ;)