Friday, August 12, 2011

What the heart does not see.

Stand tall,
on heels of silver.
bend low,
in beds of lust.

cut deep,
the skin hair grows on.
be scared,
you are no one.

Youth lost,
between sheets.
Innocence baked,
in half risen dreams.

pressed tight,
against sweat and lust.
hate more,
than you ever did before.

Hunger for life,
that's not meant for you.


Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

I thought you had gone on to bigger and better things and had left blogging behind. Great stuff.

the walking man said...

Youth should be lost lustfully between the sheets but the dreams should not be left there.

Drizel said...

Hey Russel, No I am still here, busy with loads of stuff :)

True Walking man:)

Brian Miller said...

better to use the youth while you have it...many waste a lot of time and life chasing that which they do not have...

Drizel said...

I think we are brought up to believe chasing after stuff is what we must do. I hope to teach my daughter to pursue happiness rather than stuff. Thanks for stopping by.

Monkey Man said...

Chasing dreams and chasing passions are two completely different things. You are so right on.

Drizel said...

Thank you Monkey man:)