Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Slowly you will get there

She matches up all the pieces and carefully pin them together. This is the most important part of the process, if this goes wrong everything has to be redone. A strong wind test the windows and doors for any cracks, it screams around the corners of the house. If she wasn't concentrating so hard the pending storm would have her fear the worse.

The machine light brightens up the patterns on the material and it almost looks like the wrong color. She smiles softly to herself and anticipates the joy inside her. She presses the pedal and the zinging sound echos through the house.
Mr Bobbit comes into the room and lovingly twirls around her ankle and then suddenly pounce on the foot that is pressing the peddle. She jumps up and grabs her foot, little claw marks allow blood to escape the skin.

"OUT, Mr Bobbit" she pics up the cat and skids him across the tiles, the door gets closed behind him. She is now again in her little cocoon of sewing bliss, alone. The wind still pressing hard to make an entrance, thunder slowly coming closer.

The little light and the zinging of her sewing machine is the only distraction she needs right now.

I am so into my little sewing mind right now, the Market went so well. I am really loving this new adventure....thanks for all the support.....HUGZ


Patsy said...

Sounds like you're completely in the zone!

Brian Miller said...

nice...we have a new kitten who loves attacking feet right now...

glad the market went well for you and you are enjoying sewing.

the walking man said...

That cat is probably the inspiration for half of your creations.

Charles Gramlich said...

And is she spinning straw into gold?

Drizel said...

Yes I am Patsy:)
I love cats Brian:)
Walking man, I don't have a cat right now, use to when I was younger.
Lets hope this is the case Charles:0)

Mario said...

Hi Drizel,
Wow! What a blog. Love the toys. And the photograpy. And the stories. But I particularly think your blog title is clever. Your quote about the moment reminded me of a quote that Morgan Freemansaid in a movie. "Get busy living or get busy dying". Valuing each of our moments is really about us being busy living. Celebrating life. Great blog.
I write a blog on food and my musings on love and life. Please visit. Or follow. Thanks.

Drizel said...

Hey Mario thank you for all the kind word, we have to enjoy everything in life. I will visit your blog for sure.:)