Monday, August 08, 2011

Information overload

press more information into,
my glutton stricken mind.
read more, know more,
until the seams of your mind burst;


brain scattered on dirty floors,
where more online viewers can satisfy,
satisfy their own need for death.

Your need to know more,
be more.
Spill your torture on u tube,
get more hits, get more views.
This might validate who you are.

When all you are was always enough.
Never enough for society.
That push us into nothing,
into sex scandals on small screens.
into hate they need to lust after.

More information,
sell your body,
sell you soul.

When did the price of information become so high?
How did everything you have,
become redundant.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

OK. I'm reading this, thinking, mm-hmm, truer. Its all true. And then you punch me in the gut with the last line. I DID not see that shift coming. Great as always, but I am particularly awed by your work when it reads like something falling to the cement from a great height.

Drizel said...

Thanks Wayne, always appreciate your comments. I see so many things these days and wonder, we are all constantly busy with stuff. In the end of the day nothing matters. We have to stop and enjoy life and the information age is stealing our precious time.

Shadow said...

hell yeah! you have expressed society just the way it is... sad isn't it...

Charles Gramlich said...

A good kick in gut in this one. I hope I don't see myself in it, but maybe I do.

the walking man said...

You know what I love about being all I am Etain? That means i have no further I need go. I just have to continue on and if the voyuers of the world find amusement or pleasure from walking through the carcass of my past well then that at least means they have further to go to be all they can be eh?

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What and amazing post!!! I love this and think wow, you know I have felt this way at times, wondered how we've gotten to this point...glad to know I'm not alone.

Drizel said...

Very SAD Shadow :(
Charles I think we all see ourselves in it.
Walking man: I think we spend hours in front of our computers in other peoples lives and forget about our own lives....and yes way further to go.....but I don't think everyone will get there.
Thank you Gabriella, I think we all feel the same we have the same stream of consciousness but we don't always listen:)

Patsy said...

Sometimes it seems as though people don't value anything until they've posted about it on Facebook (oe wherever) It's as though nothing is real until there's a virtual recoed of it.