Friday, April 08, 2011

Social Network

She asked him to come alone and that she will show him a good time.
He waited in the dark, all the street lights where out, it might have been a power failure.

His mind was racing through the weeks events up until this moment.

She seemed so lovely, so sweet, why must he wait for her here in a cemetery. A chill ran up and down his spine he was starting to feel uneasy with the wait.
She introduced herself on Facebook as a innocent girl, he needed someone to love in his life, he wanted someone to share his life. She seemed like the perfect match. He did doubt her a little as the time in the dark wrapped around him.

His heart was racing and he wanted to leave. He could not shake this feeling of uncertainty and fear he felt from the moment he got out of his car.

Then............... out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow and then a blade. The night creatures screamed and cried as his decapitated body fell to the floor.

He died that night.

This was just a story I made up of the night a young guy was killed by two people in e cemetery. It happened this week and I followed the story on the news. He went to the cemetery on a "date" and left in a body bag. We all live in the digital world and we trust people too easily, does not mean he or she has a sweet smile they are to be trusted.
Saw the parents of the guy that was killed on the news last night, they where devastated. I freak out every time one of my facebook friends show their location on facebook maps or what ever the app is called. Every stalkers dream.
I could not help feel scared for my child, yes she is still a baby and have some time before she uses the computer. We are on the computer in the safety of our homes, but we have to be extra careful, extra open to ask questions and to know who our kids, and family members are talking to on the net.
Sorry he died, I am sure he is not the only one.


the walking man said...

In a better word, one more sane, maybe we could learn to have faith in strangers again but this is a different world and only the wise will find a way to avoid most of the many killing fields.

Charles Gramlich said...

It never seems to go away. My son is 23 and still I worry so much about him.

Drizel said...

Walking man, I also wish for a time where you can talk openly to strangers and not fear they might harm you. Kids cant be kids anymore as you have to teach them about the evils of life soon in life. I was 15 when there was a criminal in our area and he pulled me and my friend over after school and cornered us....but unlucky for him I was/is fiesty and I swore and kicked and shouted and he ran fleeing in his car. Now you have to tell you 3 year old about bad ppl......
Charles I dont think you ever stop worrying if your a parent....he will always be your baby. :)