Tuesday, June 09, 2009

wearing black with a smile

Saw it's hands
and legs today.
Perfect head,
beating heart.
Body chubby,
bobbing up and down.

the feeling odd.
Soft emotion,
caught me by surprise.
I was not sure,

Never felt
so proud,
never knew,
wearing black,
can be so hard.
No One died,
someone will be born.

Created perfection,
growing inside me,
wearing black,
with a smile.
Thats all I know,
how to do:)


Catvibe said...

Etain, are you pregnant? What a beautiful poem!

Charles Gramlich said...

A great poem. An interesting admix of the black and the birth.

Steve Malley said...

awwwww, you maternal instinct-haver, you!

etain_lavena said...
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etain_lavena said...

Hey Cat, you are spot on, I am pregnant:) Thank you:)
The thing is Charles, me being mostly goth and trying to find black maternity wear is a bit of a struggle.....found black ones eventually but then it felt like I was mourning....hihihih.........so now I wear black with a smile.
Hihihihih, Ja Steve who knew I could develop that symptom:)

the walking man said...

I can see the baby with black nail polish and at about 12 asking you to let her get a tattoo. Take care Etain, even Goths have to eat right and all that other stuff.

etain_lavena said...

My rules are clear on tattoo's I have two tattoo's, but my rule will be you can get one when you are 21 because when you are young your taste change.......but it will be hard to inflict it, I am getting another tattoo next year....hihihih
We will see, my bf and my sister teases me and says my child will love pink and will be a proper girly girl, shame it's gonna be so nice:)
And I am eating super healthy havent even picked up weight yet, and I am nearly four months now:)
Thanks for the comment:)

Catvibe said...

Congratulations!!! :-)

laughingwolf said...

grats on fronts, etain :)

DPTH International said...

Hey Etain, Congrats on the baby news! Thanks for swinging by my blog.

Great poem, very vivid. Not sure about gothy maternity wear, but there are some punk baby clothing websites that have some cool baby gear.

check out this link if you like!

Anywho, my apologies for not stopping by here myself lately, but I look forward to catchy up on your writing.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Cat and Wolf:)

Awesome DP, I will defo take a look at that site, thank you very much. I don't think I will dress my baby goth, my mom and sister will have heart failure, plus, I did not want to give my baby my personality it must decide for itself what works and what doesn't:)

laughingwolf said...

oops, should read: BOTH counts :)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Congratulations! As always, Charles points out the best in your work, the symmetry of your words has always been incredible.

Rita said...

Great poem.....

DO you have some more poem like this?


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