Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photographic poetry

On one of the social photography sites I joined, a woman calls her photos photographic poetry and I must say its amazing. It is all fine art nudes in black and white. One of her statements was that all important sensual body parts are heart shaped, I browsed through her gallery and my word its the truth... Just some useless information, ill be doing fine art nudes soon....and M@ if I am ever in any of those pics I wont tell you....hihihihi, guess I should then remember to add an age restriction to the blog, but for now it's just me and my none nude art and poetry.


with eyes wide open,
I feel your voice.
It beats like a drum,

doef, doef, doef.

Summons all closer to see.
the rhythm of you,
consumes me.
I want to breathe you in,
like the midnight air.
dark luscious air,
with spots of moonlight.

eyes wide open,
mouth filling up,
bite after, bite
of fresh soft skin.

no blood,
just lust,
for flesh.

pale skin,
with pink teeth labels.
You are mine,
you are mine,
your skin wears my branding.

I take you,
with your rhythm,
it leaves a soft dust
to say:
we consumed each other,


Charles Gramlich said...

Very sensuous

laughingwolf said...

ooooooo i can feel the nibbles already ;)

Steve Malley said...

Wow. That was, um, yeah. I think I need to sit down...

the walking man said...

There is satisfaction in the memories that dust keeps alive

JR's Thumbprints said...

Nudity? I promise to have my eyes wide shut. As long as it's for artistic purposes, poetry can be found in a photographic. (Of course you were just kidding; weren't you?)