Monday, January 05, 2009


Time is never to late;
nowhere to wait.
I am.

Words need to flow,
once again
they where lost.
Playing hide and seek,
in my mind.

memories of hate;
No return,
no vengeance,
no pain,
no blood.
What can one say?

I am.
The moment is now,
darkness only at night,
I sleep soft between,
sheets of love and joy.
nostalgia forgotten
in dreams of remembrance.

I am.


Rick said...

etain, there is something quite clever about the concept of nostalgia being forgotten in dreams of remembrance, akin to losing one's sobriety in abstinence. Elegant work.

etain_lavena said...

Thank you Rick:)

Everyone wants to know how to remeber how to forget:).....

the walking man said...

"they where lost." I dislike my editor eye...

Etain this is a wonderful declaration of freedom, maps out quite nicely what you have been freed from...the past.

etain_lavena said...

Thank you for the edit. English is my second language and sometimes those errors slip my eye:)

Yes I do feel free of it. It sometimes even feel if it was never me, as if it was a bad movie that played off in my mind and I woke up now:)

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds happy but powerful.

M@ said...

The therapy worked!

Someday, Etain Lavena: you were.

M@ said...

Speaking of editor's eye, you also misspelled "too."

I liked this one.

captain corky said...

Beautiful work Etain.

etain_lavena said...

Thank you M@:) It bladdie had to work it was expensive....whahahaha
Thanks Al Capitan:)

~PakKaramu~ said...

a path way leading to better tomorrows

Steve Malley said...

Skin is shed,
old life discarded.

Blood from your soul
no longer flows.

You are,

and it is beautiful.

(maybe I'll leave the poems to you, eh?) ;)

etain_lavena said...

hihihihi, awesome Ste, Thank You:)

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