Tuesday, June 24, 2008

waiting for insanity, but the sun came back

I waited by the door,
it let me in swiftly.

It does that sometimes.
allow you to see the
of it all.

I broke to many times
they say;
you used you up!!
they say;

never knew this numb feeling was,
being used up.

What do you feel?
express yourself?
they say:

can I knock your head in,
I whisper;
is that expression, feeling?

softly, surely
I lifted into feeling something,
is it anything,
was it this?
should it be more of that.

Write a letter get it out.
I write poetry I speak of hate and blood.
did you not see?

I paint now,
the black and red can blend.
enjoying freedom.
this is feeling, expression.

hate me not,
use me later,
forgive you? MAYBE.

I fooled me by saying I felt it.
felt nothing,
not a f*cking thing.

it's all better now.
the sun came back.
they allowed me outside again.
won't bash your head in.

i'll paint blend black and red.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice peace. I like it a lot.

Inconsequential said...

Cool :)

Asperger's syndrome!

or maybe not...

Nice piece.

Steve Malley said...

Your work is many things:

Haunting, beautiful, luminous


etain_lavena said...

Thank you guys I need to try harder to log on I miss this.

M@ said...

Etaine Lavena,

Shouldn't you be out on a ledge right now?


etain_lavena said...

Thanks everyone, always good that my work is appreciated:)

Hey Matt yes near jump it was:)

I try to comment on your blog, cant that pop up window thingie cannot be displayed.:(

Keep safe....hugz