Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Slow teen die asem

saggies snak na asem,
wat verloor in die wind.
ek nimmer meer mens,
eerder rou bestaan.

softly i gasp for breath,
it gets lost in the wind.
I am not human,
rather a raw existence.

fluister teen dowe stemme,
lag vir dooie gevrete.

fluister, jy is dood.

whisper against deaf ears,
laugh at dead faces.

Whisper, you are dead.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

damn. And here it is I've been writing for 26 years. damn.

Nosjunkie said...

good one hun!
I even started to feel uncomfotable in my own skin

Lapa said...


He has, also, translated into Portuguese the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith.

He has been awarded several prizes.

Don't forget the name of this great author, you'll be hearing of him soon.

Thank you for spending time in Universal Culture.

Thanks for visiting.

Charles Gramlich said...

I like the connection of the poem with the picture. Are you often inspired to write by specific images?

etain_lavena said...

ai Wayne you make me so humble...thank you.
We all know the feeling;)
Lapa...iskari mariw warie lala, tedoo:)
I seldom write from pictures Charles, I get a feeling or a word in this case it was wisper and I feel it and just get lost inside of it:)

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Very spooky Etain.




cocaine jesus said...

love that image. where did you get it from?