Wednesday, October 24, 2007

passionatly lustful

I hate the word;
As I hate hell and all Montague's. Shakespeare

slow through air.
move in restless skin,
unknown to yourself.

I died to give you life;

could perfection,
without need.
directly in death.
shiver for black,
move into strange
shake me till I am holy.
need me till I sin.

afraid of what my lust,
will bring.

Seek the flesh;
that heats me,
give me.
need to lust,
that boils in you.

in me.


eric1313 said...

"shake me till I am holly.
need me till I sin."

I love this poem, and these lines speak so much to me. You have a great grasp on a dark theme, and do you ever run with it.

Go, girl. You have the power.

Sidney said...

Nice poem and an interesting painting. I'd never seen that one.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

What Eric said, not that Gramlich guy for a change. And again, you end your poems exactly the right way.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Eric...I am trying to run, I seem to just fall a bit more than others....hihhih:)
Thanks Sidney, yes he has so many paintings I always see a new one that I like.
Thank you Wayne I do try:)HUGZ

Inconsequential said...


I will mail you...soon :)

Good write btw :)

M@ said...

I bet you leave the girls swooning, Etain Lavena. ;)

etain_lavena said...

Ok In thats kewl:0)

Ahhh Matt I need to leave the guys swooning not the girls;(

eric1313 said...

Well, you do that, too, Etain. I'm sure you have plenty of people whose palms and eyes sweat when they see you walking their way.

And you way with words is excellent, too.

Take care and write some more, soon!

Inconsequential said...

hmmm...quiet round here at the moment...wazzup?

cocaine jesus said...

wow. how you have grown and blossmed

eric1313 said...

You know? I just noticed the guy that dissed on Charles. That's pretty bogus to snipe at people on an open forum.