Sunday, September 16, 2007

you have love

Jy het liefde
ek is bang as jy nie glo,
as jy weg kyk terwyl ek veg.
sag sal my stem klink;

om doof teen jou ore te lê.

hoe ek na jou hart toe fluister,
rykdom joune as jy net neem wat jy besit.
geluk is wat jy het as jy lag.

gee ek meer hardloop jy,
minder is die twyfel sterker.
ek wil huil as ek jou liefde voel,
dis so kosbaar en so min.
Ek sal nie opgee tot jy die woord gee.
tot jy my haat.
jy kan my weg gooi,
maar vir jou sal ek veg.

ons liefde kan wen,
ek glo.

neem net my hand, asseblief.

You have love
I am afraid when you don’t believe,
when you look away while I fight.
softly my voice will sound;

when I lie deaf against your ear.

how I whisper towards your heart,
wealth is yours just take what belongs to you.
happiness is what you have when you laugh

when I give more you run,
less the doubt is stronger.
I want to cry when I feel your love,
is so precious, so little.
I will not give up until you say the word.
until you hate me.
you can throw me away,
but I will fight for you.

our love can win,
I believe

take my hand, please.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Etain, you were a good poet to begin with, but your choice of spacing and which words pound at the reader more is something you continue to get better at, very much so, in fact.

etain_lavena said...

Thank you so much Wayne:)

Charles Gramlich said...

Great picture. I agree with Wayne. You have a natural poet's feel for pacing.

R2K said...

Please join me for a caption contest:

Send in your edited cartoon and-or vote on the work of others.


M@ said...

I love that "code-word" stuff you put at the top of all of your poems, Etain.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Charles;)
R2k let me say.....maybe next year;)
m@ yes babe its for the aliens...whahahaha:)