Thursday, September 27, 2007



ek kan nie voel
my hart geruk,
spattende bloed.

droë gesigte in blou,
ek wou nie rou.
jy sou my red van niks.
om te glo waar ons begin.
leuens, als verskeur.

jy is swak,
gee voor jy gee om.
dat ek lê.
treur met trane.

jy was,


gaan my breek.


I cannot feel,
my heart pierced,
splattering blood.

Dead faces in blue,
I did not want to mourn.
you wanted to safe me from nothing.
to belief where we will start.
lies, all torn apart.

you are weak,
make as if you care.
so that I can lie down.
mourn my tears.

you were,


going to break me.


Inconsequential said...

Lovely piece, typo thorn? torn?
where were?

Damn fine stuff D :)
Same goes for the previous ones...

etain_lavena said...

oops sorry In me and the spelling....always thanks for telling me..:)
Thanks In:)

cocaine jesus said...

spelling to one side. this is a pained poem and as incy says, damn fine stuff.

Marra said...

Wow...I was away for a long while. I must admit I'm shocked at how much I have missed this little corner on the big bad world web...

Great post again! And better blogs, as always!!

Your "was lost" brother in awe!

Nosjunkie said...

I always like the english more.
wonder why

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Cocaine.:)
Hey boetie, thanks...HUGZ..
hihihi....maybe you where english in your prvouis life...hahaha..hugz.

Charles Gramlich said...

I like.

Katie McKenna said...

Beauty wrapped in pain...wonderfully expressed!

Manictastic said...

Ik vond de Afrikaanse versie beter.

I thought the Afrikaans version was better. Maybe it's because I have a thing for those ancient Afrikaner sounds.