Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poetry Thursday


ek herhaal die tyd.
in treine,
die mense is vaal.
luister hoe hul stemme;
blou ruik
soos hul wurg.
in hul eie kots.

Kots wat vorm in hul,
Vervelige lewens.
ek is siek,
vir die kak.
die ewige gemors,
die piss reuk op elke stasie.
Mense wat vir hulself sing.
Na drank ruik en lyk,

genoeg het ek van hierdie pikswart,
stad van haat
Elke aand
Hul, hul sorge.

ek het nou my kookpunt bereik.
my haat borrel uit soos water wat kook,
Ek haat elke walglike atoom van die stad.


I repeat time.
in trains,
the people are pale.
listen how their voices;
smell blue
like they choke.
In their own puke.

Puke that they form,
Boring lives.
I am sick,
Of this shit.
Of all this mess,
the stench of piss on every station.
People that sing to themselves.
That smell of alcohol and look of it too,

I had enough of this pitch black,
city of hate
Every evening
they kill,
their worries.

I have reached boiling point.
My hate boils out like water,
I hate every atom of this horrible city.


Brian said...


I am so sorry you feel this way. I wish you could rise above the decay and fly away to your dreams. I think every city is this way to some degree, no matter where.

If this was a romance novel, you would ride off into the beautiful sunset with the man and a bunch of bags of gold.

Love you sister of my heart. Be well and keep your spirits up.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Brian appreciated.

paisley said...

anger and hatred are definitely more soul inspiring than no feeling at all.. numbness can be quite dull... the picture in your sideboard. is it yours?? i have used one quite similar on one of my posts on the ink pot.. i love it....


let me know if it is yours so i can credit you.. i found it somewhere in time, and loved it but had no idea where it originated from.....

etain_lavena said...

I had enough of that to last me a lifetime, I dont want it anymore....hihi:)

sage said...

painful yet powerful. is the first in Afrikaan?

etain_lavena said...

its Afrikaans:) thanks Sage:)

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, this is so powerful and emotional. This is a very strong place you find yourself in, Etain...

Whitesnake said...

Powerful Stuff

Gilson said...

Strong words for strong feelings!

liz said...

Very dark. The short lines emphasizes your feelings of anger and detachment.

Crafty Green Poet said...

sorry you feel like that...

Reenen said...

Dis goed. Ek dink dis 'n spesifieke stad waarna jy verwys, maar dit kan seker net so wel wees vir enige een.

Ek hou baie van die gedig. Hy is kras in sy opinies. Staan nie terug vir enige iets nie, en draai nie doekies om nie.

Carole said...

Strong feelings and strong words. You say on your Poetry Thursday posting that you are settled on your new continent. If the first poem is Afrikaan are you now in South Africa? Your profile locates you in the U.K. Is it our of our cities you are writing about? I hope I'm not being too nosey?

Charles Gramlich said...

Some days it's tough. Some weeks it is. I hope the poetry helps. Best.

Tuyet said...

such anger!

SeaRabbit said...

I'd love to write like you... so many words that I have no idea how to put together in that langage that isn't mine...

etain_lavena said...

Thank you very much for all the comments, I appreciate it.
O and I am from South Africa, I am Writting about London:)

Nick said...

Gorgeous writing.

I put something else up. I only write when I am upset or angry.

cocaine jesus said...

like a rose being smashed by a fist.
powerful stuff.

Carole said...

I somehow thought it might be London!