Thursday, June 21, 2007



Voel ritme een oor en oor,
gil my siel in swart roet.
geniet pyn soos vrees,
gil my na, ek kan hoor.
kies net anders.
ek is gebroke siel oorgelos;
in vlees.

Als is stadig teen my refleksie,
geweldadig verander.

Demoon in my herroep.
wat slegs pyn uit soek, al is ek
Ek sien die trane vloei oor my wang
niks vermy dit nie.

sterf in goedheid.
Sukkel met verandering
word naar,
braak klaar,
wat weet jy?

Sieklik verknors,
in my eie gemors.
gee op.
Begin weer.
'n keer.

Jy sien die selfde demoon.
saam dra,
aan goed wat jy nie kan sien nie.
ek het pynlike kennis.
van niks.
word siek, word naar,
als is veraltyd klaar.


Feel the rhythm over and over,
scream my soul in black ash
enjoy pain like fear,
shout behind me, I can hear.
just chose differently.
I am a broken soul leftover;
in flesh.

Everything is slow against my reflection,
violently changed

Demon summoned inside of me.
that only search for pain, even if I am
I see the tears stream down my cheek.
nothing stops its way.

die in goodness.
battle with change
get Nauseous,
finish trowing up,
What do you know?

Sickly worried,
in my own mess.
give up.
Start again.
one more time.

You see the same demon.
caries with him,
the stuff that you cannot see.
I have painful knowledge,
of nothing.
be sick, trow up.
everything is finished forever.


Winter said...

Scary, but pretty.

Top cat said...

you know why we throw up?
to get rid of baaaaad stuff.
I love your writing, it hurts me to feel your pain
but it is what it is...
for now
ginger cat

Charles Gramlich said...

A beautiful black winged...creature in the forest. And I love the poem as well. I hope you're feeling OK. I know better than to judge people's feelings from their poetry but this one sounds a little down.

Susan Miller said...

It does seem like despair, etain. Of course, despair from you is lyrical. Now I almost expect the next piece to be of your fire 'cause there is no denying your great strength.

Keep writing, girl...and let us know if you need us.

Blancodeviosa said...

when black envelopes us
brace tight upon the light
hold it close to your heart
and find your way home :)

Inconsequential said...

Another hangover?

Throw up before sleep and drink lots of water...

I Like the piece though.

cocaine jesus said...

that is one great image.

Inconsequential said...

have replied....but having dumbass problems with sending mails...

shall get it out soon!!!!!!!!

Stewart Sternberg said...

I could take about six or seven phrases from this poem and use them for titles for my short stories. For instance:

"Die In Goodness"
"Black Ash"
"Scream My Soul"
"Search For Pain"

This is an evocative piece, with some phrasing that makes the reader stutter in his reading, which is a good thing.