Tuesday, June 05, 2007

it will come back to haunt

She moves across the roof tops now with a fears hate, this time she is out to get blood of a specific person. Pure chance of a victim will not do today; she wants him to pay what he did to Allison. She runs faster now, the wind blowing past her skin leaves a soft frost over her cheeks. She does not really notice the cold, she never notice heat. She has been in the sun, it just really stings but being powerful all she does is focus past the pain. The city is pink as the lights play with her emotions.

He better be where Roland said he will be, or it will be Roland’s blood spilled too. She dashes trough Trafalgar square and get to the pub he plays the drunken fool. She enters the music is horrible, with childish rhythm and boring words.
She knows this is the type of foul place he would spend his drunken hours. The wall oozes with his ignorance. She tilt her head slightly left and scan the room, she picks up a faint scent of him. It is hidden between beer and piss; he must be in the bathroom. She walks slowly past a man and woman hanging onto each other, both of them are drunk. She looks at them their faces numb from emotion, she scan their thoughts. Lustful, drunken needs arise in both of them, human are such fulgurous creatures. These two humans would not have even looked at each other in the street and now in their drunken state they needs arise in drunken lust. She looks to the corner as she passes the tables, a man lying on his arms, mumbling to himself about how he never knew she would leave him. He seems so pathetic, and she almost feels sorry for him.

She moves down the corridor, a drunken male grabs her ass and says: “Heya love, you fancy some snogging, I bet ya you can show me heaven.” She turns around her eyes are discolored to red as she is ready for the prey that waits for her in the men’s bathroom. With one glance the man runs off in a hysterical fit. She get a slight tingle of pleasure down her spine, would have been fun to go after the drunken fool. Her hunt is directed tonight and she cannot let her excitement of chasing a crazy drunk get the better of her now. She walks to the men’s bathroom; human piss is such a foul smell. Yellow and thick it enters her nostrils; she has no need to vomit as she is freed from gagging. The strong stench just makes her remember the years when humans where dirty all the time. It might seem that this era is better, not by a long shot, humans are more violent now, they might be clean but their ideas are worse than ever. Modern times and games do not scare her in fact she has quite an infatuation with some of the human pleasures.

She opens the door and he is there, peeing in the urinal and swaying from side to side, all she smells now is his blood. The bastard will pay for what he did to Allison, she is only 15 years old. She kept track of her family trough all the years, she is now 200 years a non-mortal. Trapped in this vampire body, and she keeps her family safe and guide them where needed, and this pig hurt Allison. She waits patiently and he pulls up his zip.

She secured the door, there is no way he can get out or away from her. He turns around, and he looks at her leather pants and her black corset, the fool did not see her white skin and her red eyes. He is too filled with his disgusting horniness. His speech is slurred and she does not really want to hear what he has to say. She walks to him and grab him by the neck, he struggle, must be such an awful feeling for a man to have no power against such a small woman. She digs her nails into his neck and a thin line of blood runs down into his cheap shirt. He is now gasping like a fish out of water and she cannot contain her pleasure for his pain anymore and she laughs.

“No” he gasp trough his breath.

“No, is something that I do not know like you forgot what it means the night you followed Allison home” her voice is hate.

She rest him against the wall and push her fangs trough his sweaty skin, the part she despise most, the salty, bitter taste of human sweat. It repulse her, but she knows ones she gets to the blood she will be relieved of the taste. She feels how the blood burst into her mouth, thick and warm, strong taste of iron, rough on the tongue. She lives trough the pleasure as he kicks and fights against her. He stops moving and she lets go of his lifeless body. She looks at him as he lies there opened eyed gazing at the flickering lights between piss and shit.

“Sorry sweetheart, I just had an itch I needed to scratch”


Susan Miller said...

Relentless. A purging of anger it seems. You go, etain!

etain_lavena said...

thanks Susan:)

Charles Gramlich said...

Interesting scene. This one looks like it could really be developed further. I loved the ending line, though.

Brian said...

Morning my sister, hope you are well and not our pub crawling... besides working in one. ;)

Love you

Steve Malley said...

Great sense of place, mood and atmosphere.

This isn't autobiographical, I hope? :)

cocaine jesus said...

great finish, the bit about the itch. great middle and beginning too.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Guys:)

DPTH International said...

Nice environment developing. I felt I could smell the piss. Good imagery.