Wednesday, April 18, 2007

words in the wind

I need to know how you feel when you touch my skin. My body explodes into words that I never understood or felt before. I need to know how you knew it was me without looking. Your face is strong and manly with lips in a thin and serious a perfect line. Your nose is straight and proud, when you frown you look even wiser.
I know I must stop staring.
How can I?
It is you that where there but never called my name.

In silence the sun fell against the window and I knew it will be you.

The rain kept on falling holes in my soul, but I knew that the time would find me in the night.
I am searching for my own worth between broken skin and fragile bone.
I wonder how you would look if you find me inside this shell.
Would you be strong enough to guide light from the wind to restful stillness, or would you hate me for being so frail and unsure.

I am stronger now, more ready than ever.
Not perfect yet, but perfection is for nature. I am not a flower, but I am closer to peace than you would ever get to know.

What I can say is that I want to walk in the sun with hands held so tight.
I want to run in the rain and laugh at wet hair and soggy cloth over naked skin.

Words unravel.

Words built hope.

Words are softly spoken.

Words are all I have.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great writing, and the image compliments it very well.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

What he said, ha ha. I'm still enjoying yesterday's post.

Brian said...

A wonderful love letter.

Inconsequential said...




etain_lavena said...

Thanks Charles:)
Whahahaha...Silly Wayne:)
Yes Brian, if only:)
Thanks In:)