Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When souls drift

This moment was pending in time, for it is my destiny. My Katana held tightly in my hand, the fear of the impending battle boiling in my blood. I am not suppose to fear what lies before me, I am a samurai, and been in training for this moment. The Katana sword is small and thin and the sharp blade reflects the light of the sun, like a glorious source of power.

I am fearful.
I am afraid of dying.
I have to kill others in the name of what my country believes, do I even believe?

I am to serve as I am a samurai. I must do what I am told.
The armour is pale shades of green and red the leather is heavy and uncomfortable, seems like it is pushing the fear of my heart back into my body. The irony in all of this is I am feared by the simple country men, soldiers, nations. I am seen as a monster my mask shows ugly frowns and mean eyes. Underneath this mask I am a pale thin eyed man, my body is muscular from all the combat training.
I can not use my power to kill other, my soul will die and fly away in the wind forever. I will be a drifter among men, it will be my punishment. To take another soul in hate, in violence is not what this country needs.
We need peace, we need love, but before that they say we need freedom.

My horse is ready, the beast dressed with colour in rags of death. Fear steaming from its nostrils. He taps his hooves uneasy, making it sound like thunder as he hits the floor. My beast you fear your death like I fear mine. We will enter this battle together, we will fight till our end.

Rage drives us forward, my heart still locked in it's cage of fear. My eyes wide, my Katana held high, hacking trough the foot shoulders.
I took arms and heads, slashed faces, killed young men, kill for my believe.
I am the barbarian they talk of.
I am forced forward by my new found lust for killing.

I feel a warm numb pain in my left arm, the heat rise to my face.
I fall to the floor, my eyes roll back, I see the sun. A pale relieve in it's heat.
My soul will drift now endlessly among the men I slain.

Based on a dream a friend had:)


matthew said...

WOW!!!!...i was there in that battle with him,my heart was pounding as i read the words of what was probably in the minds of every warrior in that battle.Who is the good side and bad side in a battle??...the way of the sword is not unlike the way of zen, to kill ones ego.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Matthew babe:)

Brian said...

Great job Etain, I could see the dust and smell the blood.

etain_lavena said...


Charles Gramlich said...

You have a gift for putting yourself, and the reader, into a scene rather than simply watching it from above. Well done.

Top cat said...

wonderful, I love your writing.

Graffiti said...

Yes etain, to be put on your list would be fine. In fact i would like it.


etain_lavena said...

Thank you Charles....:)
Thank you TC:)
Your added on my brain blog R:)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

yes, Etain, you can place the reader in any situation r scenario but please, for all of us, WRITE LONGER STORIES!!!! but the Afrikaans/English poetry, oh, keep that up always :)

etain_lavena said...

Yes I will wite Longer stories...I guess it will be like turning into a butterfly when I get to London...Yaya.....

Susan Miller said...

I am always amazed at where you go and how well you take us there. It is seamless. You have and are such a gift, etain.

etain_lavena said...

AG Susan....thank you sooooo sooooo much...I appreciate that lots:)