Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the murder note

How I would kill you if I had a chance. Don’t be so shocked to hear me out these words. It is a bit of this and more of that, it makes us all human. One to many times you made me cry, and well quite frankly I am sick of your shit. I try and give it my best, but still you have no remorse. So here is a few of my ideas, still playing with the idea.

Maybe I can use a knife, but my disposition is that I am a bit small, even if I have strength to let the knife sink into your heart. If you really put up a fight I will surely not be able to let the knife do it’s deed.

There is also poison, trough the years this has been known as ladies choice of killer kits. Why, because it is easy and you can put it in the food, and while the pig eats your food, he is slowly dissolving into nothing. It is actually effortless. I will just have to figure out how I will cook for you, because I think it will maybe have to be more than one meal. In can change the strength, so later I will ponder this here idea again.

I can pay a hit man to whack you, this can be quite trilling. I can tell this hit man how I want you to suffer, how he must first kick the living crap out off you. That will be for every tear you made me cry, every moment you made me feel inferior, ugly, boring, replaceable. He will get you good. The only problem here is I don’t have a lot of cash at my disposal.

I can maybe skin you alive and throw you in acid, but there are a few technical errors in this murderous plan that might just not work. Even if it will be fun, this idea is scrapped before it even started.

What else is there, I just know I want you dead and gone. I need the peace in my soul. To torture myself every day because you are an idiot is just plain unacceptable.
So let me ponder this some more, sorry to say you day is near.

This is fiction….so before the FBI comes and lock me up….there is no one dead!!!!


Inconsequential said...

excellent beginng, wonderful middle, shite end...

well, ok, just the disclaimer ruined it for me :)

I was hoping this was real, and you were finally showing your true colours.

actually, the end is good too.

etain_lavena said...

ok ok...I was just afraid cause Jr was saying they found a murder by google promts ja see fark I dont wanna be in tha possie for doing nothing...hihihihi...thanks in!!!

Brian said...

Don't you have lots of sharks offshore? Sounds like a boating trip is in order.

etain_lavena said...

whahahahaha..YES I did not think of that...hmmm...thanks Brian..YAY!

Winter said...

Me? Oh wait I get it.


I like.

etain_lavena said...


Lucas Pederson said...

I like the skinning alive and boiling in acid. Very creative. Or you could always disembowel this person, dunk them in Drain-o, rinse them off, dunk him in a pol of great white sharsk, yes I like that idea, and whatever is left you could always leave out for the local stary dogs to chomp on.
Of course, that's a lot of work. But making someone pay for what they did needs a lot of thought.

Oh wait, this was fiction, right? My bad. :-)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

excellent way of presenting your feelings, etain. roahld dahl and bill murray would both be proud;)

etain_lavena said...

cool idea Lucas....doh...fiction, fiction.

Yay thanks I enjoyed it:)

mist1 said...

I prefer slow, painful methods involving both emotional and physical distress. But, that's just me.

etain_lavena said...

whahahahah....I agree misty:)