Saturday, April 07, 2007

Black blood

He raced to her chamber his feet carrying him faster with each step on the solid brick sidewalk. How he loved her more than life, but she never wanted him to be like her.
He also knew how deep her love was for him, he could feel it on her skin, taste it on her lips. This is just a chance he had to take, she needs to know what happened.

The castle is dark and gloomy, the old wood and rock could be smelled the minute he walked it. His senses have sharpen ten fold. It is dead silent, even her servants knew not to stir her. He walked up and down the corridor in front of her chambers for a while. He was building courage to tell her about last night. His footsteps hollow and cold in the old castle's corridor. On the walls was the most wonderful paintings, she has great taste, her passion rises in everything she touch.
She is a creature, magnificent in every way, he still remembers the day they met. It was just after ten one night, he always worked late, because it was never fun going home to an empty apartment. He knew something was watching him for weeks, but nothing showed it's face.
That night she did, she walked next to him on the lonely street, he never even saw from which shadow she appeared.

"I need to warn you I am not as I appear." her voice calm and intriguing.
"My dear, what does it matter what you appear as, you came to me and I knew you would" he tried to hide his fear.
He knew she could smell it, but his way of talking to her, made her furious, she grabbed him by the neck. Softly sinker her fangs into his soft warm flesh.
"I came to kill you and you want to be all manly and tempt me?" her voice filled with hunger.
"You wont kill me I would be the only one you love"

Till this day he did not know how he would know this about her, and through the months he came to understand what she was. He came to love her pale cold skin, her wild eyes, her lust for his blood, and her inner fight to not kill him.

He needs to go in but he knows the danger that lurks for him, he knows how she gets when she is hungry.

He opens the door and it's oak wood strong and heavy, it creeks as he enters. She is lying so perfect so beautiful on her black velvet bedding. Her skin pale and her lips crimson. The room is dark, only the moon leaves a lazy light on the right wall, furthest from her. He knows he must be alert now, it is close to feeding time and she forbids him to go close to her when her need for blood is at it's peak.
This news cannot wait!
Will she know what he has done the minute she opens her eyes or will she only realise when she touch his skin.

He is close to her bed now. She is close to rising now, he stands closer and rest his hand on her arm.
She jumps up and immediately pushes him against the wall, his heart only beating faintly faster. Her eyes are wild and her breathe full of need, she looks at him and her eyes slowly gets softer. She knows her love, but he is different now. She smells his neck and kiss it biting it very softly.
Suddenly she jumps back away from him, her anger clear.

"What have you done?"
"We can be together forever now, my love" he says trough his breath.
"You have no idea what you have done, I can not look at you now, GO!!" her voice violent and full of pain.

He looks at her for a minute. He walks slowly into the night, his feet heavy and slow.


Charles Gramlich said...

Great description of your vampire.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Charles:)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

how the CRAP is it that even on weekends it is Charles, ONLY Charles, out of all our mutual friends, gets to comment first? Great passages, and the last lines make me think that the guy might almost be shambling off, undead like a zombie, his true feeling stolen.

etain_lavena said...

I DONT know Wayne I barely posted it, and Charles comment, I think it is super powers;)
Love is never easy be it the eternal one, or this life times one:)

Steve Malley said...

I always enjoy reading your vignettes, but I should probably tel you so more often.

Good stuff!

Donsie said...

Holy fuck! Ok! I am lost for words.... well done!!

Brian said...

Hey there. Love the story, do all these run together? Or are they separate characters?

Hope your weekend was grand. :)

etain_lavena said...

Thank you Steve.....if you read it I am happy, if you comment I appreciate it alot...thank you kindly...
Hihihi...Thanks Donsie...
Hi Brian yes weekend was good thanks, and thank you....its all seperate...I think with all my seperate ideas I can write 4 books...whahahah....I will start writting the book when in London, that is the plan...thanks for stopping by:)

Claudia said...

I couldn't help but think how so many relationships end like this (of course, not literally...)

matthew said...

Sorry its taken me so long to leave a comment babe.Thank you soo much for this story.xx

etain_lavena said...

whhahahahaha....Yes Claudia.
Pleasure Matthew:)