Friday, March 09, 2007


klein en fyn,
skoon en rein.
Gebroke hart,
veruk deur 'n vark.
mooie kleine lyfie,


Jammer poplap, gogga
ons kon jou nie red.

small and fragile
clean and pure
Broken heart,
ripped out by a pig.
beatiful little body,


Sorry sweetheart, beatlebug
we could not save you.

Sheldean was kidnapped, her body was found in a storm pipe Monday. We as a nation is so bitterly sorry our kids cannot play in our yards. We as a nation is sorry for the loss of her sweet smile. May you have peace.
Ek is jammer ons kon jou nie red nie poplap, mag jy vrede he waar jy le.


Brian said...

I am so sorry that Sheldean was murdered. I hope that her soul is at peace.

DewyKnickers said...

Etain, I knew when I wrote my poem that this happens. I am angry and upset, but I also offer my prayers to her and her family. I put a post up with a link to this post today.



etain_lavena said...

thank you Rose, this is but a drop in the vile bucket. There is cases we never even know about....this is but a little face to a magnitude of pain.....

Charles Gramlich said...

Such stories arouse my own murder lust. I want to kill the person who did this to this girl. I want to raise them from the dead to kill them again. I would have no problem putting a bullet in the head of such a beast.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Etain, this is everywhere. I'd almost rather trade car bomb and back pack terrorists if it meant getting rid of predators. Maybe the terrorists could kill the predators, but that would be asking too much. RIP, young Sheldean.

lost said...

It's a sad world... I have two beautiful little children in my life, i live in a neighbourhood that i considered safe for them... until not so long ago a police woman told me to be careful, not to let them ride their bikes alone in the road in front of my house... because of nigerian drug dealers that have moved into a few houses in the area... Lord only knows what they'd want with my babies, and this breaks my heart...

i can't relate to the families and friends of the innocent gone missing, but my thoughts are with them..

etain_lavena said...

Ja maaikie die lewe is vuil, watch them with falcon eyes.