Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poetry Thursday-Blood under skin.

It is Poetry Thursday, whoohoo....I decided to translate one of my favorite poems, I saw a painting by my fav artist Salvidor Dali, there was playing a song by Seether and I instantly got moved to feel every drop of blood flowing trough me.
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy feeling it.
Have a great Mr Dali is a bit dead so I cant get his permission for the pic, but I will ask him in the next life if it was ok. Then also it was on the internet, so I think it is ok....if anybody wants to sue me, I am very poor,please be gentle:)

Los jou bloed onder my vel

Ek kan voel hoe jy binne my beweeg.
Ek is die een wat die vel moet volstaan.
die begin is nie my keuse nie,
eiende nie waarna ek soek nie.
die bloed vloei vrylik,
as ek nie kyk nie.
pyn as jy beweeg.
jy roep,
ek kan nie antwoord nie.
voel of jou wese my vervul.
as ek asem haal,
weet ek jy leef.
omdat ek ander uitsluit,
kies ek jou.

Los jou bloed onder my vel.
jy sal terug kom om dit te vind,
geniet die ure sonder terugkoms.
My hartklep beweeg slegs vir jou.
is ek so alleen?
geen bloed gaan ons red.

Kan ek in jou holtes le?
Kan ek voel,
hoe jy jouself wil lewe gee?

Ek is nie myself,
as jy nie in kom nie.
Ek kan nie voel as jy nie vryf nie.
sonder liefde wat ons deel.
sal ek altyd wonder,
wat die begin van nou.
die eiende van more,
die aanraaking van jou,
en die bloed onder my vel;
ons aan kan doen?

Leave your blood under my skin.

I feel when you move within me.
I am the one that must fill my skin.
the start was not my choice,
ending not what I am looking for.
blood flows freely,
when I don’t look.
pain when you move.
you call,
I cannot answer you.
feel like you fill my being.
when I breathe,
I know you are alive.
because I lock others out,
I choose you.

Leave your blood under my skin.
you will come back to find it,
enjoy the hours without return.
My heart beats only for you.
am I so alone?
no blood can save us now.

Can I lie down in your curves?
Can I feel,
how you want to give yourself life?

I am not myself,
If you don’t come.
I can not feel when you caress.
without the love that we share.
I will always wonder,
what the start of now,
the end of tomorrow,
your touch,
and the blood under my skin;
Will do to us?


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

sweet christ, there are so many sections of this poem that i could quote.......amazing, etain. amazing. humbled again.

etain_lavena said...

Ag dear sweet Wayne....hihihi...thanks:)

Donsie said...

Very well written!!!

etain_lavena said...

Dankie, thanks Donsie:)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed reading this, especially the ending.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks crafty:)

Inconsequential said...

that's way cool.

Excellent piece Etain :)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

reading it again as the lights go out in this big place one by one...good for effect. it is raining here. there is not one single line that you can delete from the poem. it makes me cringe at times. ok, i'm out of here. oh, and hi, donsie. a friend of etains is a friend of mine...

Cocaine Jesus said...

what a skilled poem this is!
think i will steal it!

Susan Miller said...

Just beautiful, etain.

Beaman said...

Very good poem. Its vast depth is apparent. Well done on the translation too. That is a difficult thing to do.

Tia said...

I think Salvador would forgive you, for a poem with so much passion... I liked it more in Afrikaans though. The pulse pulses there.

etain_lavena said...

WoWi....thanks IN:)
HIHIHI...thanks Wayne...your too kind:)
Steal it....whahahahaah:)...cocaine...if you must, you must, but if I get you Ill kick your ass:)
Thanks Susan,
Thank you kindly Beaman

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Tia:)

Clockworkchris said...

this was very inspiring. your imagary is wonderful and the pictures only serve to make it much more real. It was unlike anything I have ever read. I love the picture at the bottom of the page as well.

Brian said...

A very vivid and passionate poem Etain. The title is so interesting and the words you weave tell of love in all its facets. :)

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Clock...I love pictures...LOVE it....
Thank you saw the love I was trying to portray...thanks:)

Top cat said...

Fantastic!! you are very talented my friend. I love your words.:)
This also sounds like some great lyrics for a song.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks TC....I try...bluhs....I think maybe Seethers song hypnotized me a bit...toodooo toodooo:)

Charles Gramlich said...

I like when you include the original and translation. I read the English version, then went back and read the other and it produces an interesting effect. This is very good. Your poems have both an intimate quality and a universal one.

writerwoman said...

Amazing! I was drawn into the pem deeper and deeper as it went on.

desert rat said...

Man, Dali was one weird dude. The variety and originality of his art just amazes me. Great poem. There are so many people who write about blood and passion and somehow manage to make them sound trite or hackneyed. Not the case here. It felt very immediate, very genuine. Now I just wish I could read the Afrikaans version. It would be so cool to be able to be fluent in more than one language; I am totally jealous.

Christina said...

That picture works nicely. I love the flow of that poem and some of the lines gave me chills. The beginning really starts that off.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Charles I try to feel what I need to express:)
Thanks writerwoman:)
hihihiih....thanks Desert, I appreciate it....
Thanks Cristina, That makes me so happy to hear:)

Lucas Pederson said...

Thought I'd come back here and say great POEM!!!! Absolutly loved it.

DPTH International said...

Nice poem! The imagery is dark, but it lingers with you. Very nice.

As for your comment over on my blog, there are 2 bands that I know of who've done a Macbeth themed album. One is Jag Panzer called "Thane to the Throne" and Rebellion "Tragedy In Steel - Shakespears Macbeth". I own the Jag Panzer one and have heard some of Rebellion's. I recommend Jag Panzer's .. it's pretty cool.

Thanks, for swinging by

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

etain, you should visit lucas pederson's blog. he is a writer just starting out, too, and has a vampyre thing on his blog right now. just saying, no writer ever retires, but there are new ones every day....

Fragmentsinsight said...

Excellent. Wonderful poem. It crawls itself a way under my skin.

gautami tripathy said...

There has been a question in my mind that I couldn't answer. Your poem helped me decide. I was so moved by this. Thanks for this great post.

BTW, I love Dali!!

etain_lavena said...

thanks Fragment...I like when it gets under skin:)
Glad I could help G:)