Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feeding time

It is again, that time in a week, where you can be happy that it is this day. What am I on about, well. IT IS POETRY THURSDAY.....wwwhhhooohooo.
I am a bit disappointed in myself seeing that I did my poem on my home PC and well forgot it at home, and because I am at work now, I need to try and remember what I wrote. Not to worry I am young and fairly I might be able to do this sooooo, here goes.

Just a small litlle information about the poem. You must be in the situation of the picture you chose....grrr....check my pick, can you feel it?


Feed on you

soft and cold,
pale and white.
all seems right,
skin of human
just immortal.
I am a beast,
that feed inside.
lick your skin,
feel the pulse.
Ecstasy when I feed
dripping blood is the need.

fight me.
grab me,
makes my hunt perfect
arms and body shaking.
orgasmic pleasure,
you feel it too!
one in blood.
alone in need.
feed on you,
drain your life.
Should I make you live today?
leave enough of you,
to see the day.

I need you,
I feed on you.
hunter of the human,
passion of the blood.
perfect hunter lie beside you
in the still of night.

Voed aan jou

sag en koud,
bleek en wit.
als is reg,
vel van mens
slegs ewiglewend.
ek is 'n dier,
wat van binne voed.
lek jou vel,
voel die hartklop.
ekstase as ek voed.
druppende bloed wat ek benodig.

veg my,
gryp my.
maak die jag perfek.
arms en ligaam al rukkend,
orgasmiese plesier.
Jy voel dit ook!
een in bloed,
alleen in smagting.
voed aan jou.
drein jou lewe.
Moet ek jou laat lewe?
los genoeg vir jou,
om die dag te sien.

ek het jou nodig,
ek voed aan jou.
die jagter van mens,
passie van bloed.
perfekte jagter le langs jou.
in die stilte van nag.


Beaman said...

Wow, that is quite an erotic piece. Picture is interesting. :p
I like it, good write and good memory!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

I love your poetry when your lines average three or four words. Like we are trying to pull back, but will still be yanked into the inevitable...

etain_lavena said...

thanks beeman:)......
Thanks Wayne....I like yanking....;)

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Way cool girlfriend. ;) Love the hunt and the racing pulse. You good. :)



Brian said...

Like yanking??? ;)

I like the beast within that you tap for all your works. This fits well in your book. :)

Crafty Green Poet said...


Charles Gramlich said...

I use to write vampire haiku. Don't know if I can remember any of them now. Let's see:

Marble throat
cracked with blood
the taste is ashes

writerwoman said...

oh, very creepy but good. I could feel the hunger in your subject.

Fragmentsinsight said...

Wow, Tantalizingly scary. You want to stop reading but you can't.
Terribly good. Well done.

Susan Miller said...

You are good, girl. Really good!

etain_lavena said...

Thanks rosy and Yes Brian the inner beast is bad:)
Yes Crafty....
Wowi, nice Charles;)
Writer woman(the subject is me in a way, righ;)
Thank you Fragment:)
hihihih......Thanks Susan;)

Inconsequential said...

cool :)

etain_lavena said...

hihihih In, you and your cool;)

gautami tripathy said...

Very good dark poetry.

Meditating for being one with you