Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eyes that cannot see

I could not find the Afrikaans version to translate: so I will just write from memory.

After closing time each day, he needs to wash his people; he knows each one by name and never hesitates to talk to them. They never really reply, seeing that they are the living dead in the department store. Lauret is the most beautiful of them all, her hair thick and black, and her makeup dark and mysterious. She reminds him a lot of the girl he met two months back. Her name was Kate. Kate glided across the floor, and her presence could be felt a block away. He smells her hair still every day.

The people that visit the department store really have no respect for these models that show them the garments. They drop ice cream cones onto the floor, they leave bubblegum stuck everywhere. Kids touch them with their dirty hands, leave stains on their perfect smooth skin. He still battles to get his lovers skin so perfectly smooth. All with practice he knows, and soon he will have the art complete.
Crystal is close to perfect it was just the one bubble he could not get out on her back. He saw Kim last week; she will be his master piece. She seems about 25, her hair one red bush as if it is a perfect halo. She seems a size 14, medium built is always fascinating. Curves in all the right places, healthy, smooth skin.
He mops the floors and sings to his living dead, they make up for a captive audience. He does not always share his plot and live with them.
He needs to clean faster; her shift is nearly over and tonight is the night for their perfect love affair.

He follows Crystal from the bistro where she works; he will wait until she took a shower to get closer, the smell of steak on her perfect white skin, makes him sick to his stomach. She never looks over her shoulder; never see him brushing against her in the train. Such a perfect victim to stalk, a playful hunt that excites him tonight. She always goes out on Tuesdays; her friend lives on the other side of town. He saw her one night walking by his house, and he knew it was love at first sight.
He will sit next to her on the train again, smell her hair and touch her skin, she never shies away. Two blocks from his house he walks closer to her, she is such a small fragile creature; he feels his excitement growing faster.

He caught her, the fight was slightly tiring, and she is strong for such a small person. She actually scratched his face that made him want her even more.

He takes her to his basement, the faint smell of chemicals fill the air, he takes a deep breathe and puts her down on the chair. He smiles and can hardly contain his excitement now, and laughs out load. Crystal has skin of ivory and hair of gold, he will call her goldy from now on. She will join the others standing up in the basement soon; he just needs to prepare the table and the chemicals.
He lays her softly on the cold silver table, she seems to be dead, but he knows it is just a deep slumber. He enjoys it more when he knows she screams inside but can not move. He slowly gets the small operating knife; he looks one more time at his Kate, standing perfect against the left-hand wall.

“I still need you more my Kate, you where my first one so prefect so life like. I know you are judging me now, thinking I will love you less, but please don’t think so.”

He opens his book and the letter big and bold: All you ever needed to know, to be a Taxidermist.


Brian said...

Well sister from another mother. This is truly brilliant. Dreadful and macabre and exciting all at the same time. The concept is amazing, and you write from his viewpoint so well.

I really, really hope that in London you get the chance to expand your writing.

etain_lavena said...

Thank you Brian...I so appreciate everybody reading my words everyday. It gives me great pleasure to have blogger friends.
Thank you again:)

Claudia said...

As usual, great writing. Is it wrong that I actually laughed at this one a bit???

Charles Gramlich said...

Very evil, in a good way ;)

I like it a lot.

Rav3nn's angel said...

scary... but good

Inconsequential said...

yea old house of wax scenario...
but well presented.
Most enjoyable.
Though even the most competant mortician can't keep the spark attached, and their clients? end up looking empty.
Dead people do not look peaceful, just hollow...

Excellent work Etain.
Brought back memories that ever haunt me, though haunt is perhaps the wrong word, more of a vivid recollection.

Matt said...

He likes it more when they scream inside but cannot move.

I like that. The turn of phrase, I mean. It also seems like they've been making mannequins a lot sexier nowadays....

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

why does that gramlich guy always steal my lines? Very very brutal prose, ma'am.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Claudia, its ok if you laughed I did not make it out the be funny, but its ok.;)
Kewl, happy you like it Charles.
What memories did it awake In?
Thanks Angel;)
Yes Matt that is true.
Thanks Wayne and I don't know why Charles steal you phrases.
I am battling to get onto blogs these days,....I battled ten minutes just to get here....arrggg....just so you all know, I ain't neglecting anybody.

Susan Miller said...

Yes, etain...frightening and vivid. Great work.

etain_lavena said...

thanks Susan:)