Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Airport traffic

About her

She is a free spirit of note, she impact the lives of those she meet. They might be young or old, exiting or boring but all will remember her. She has a cool serenity about her aura and she talks with a soft and calming voice. Her eyes are a pale shade of brown, and her hair a vibrant red. Her skin is pale white and she tends not to go out into the sun too often, because she gets sunburned to bad. Her soul speaks of love and faith and kindness.

About him.

He is strong and intelligent, he spend most his days in the office. He works into the early hours of each day. He is dedicated and amazing, but he lacks love and by working harder he hides his yearnings. His voice is strong and deep and woman swoon at his feet, but he does not notice them too often cause they lack the spark he is looking for. He is kind and gentle, but he hides it well. From is mid 20’s till is early 30’s he has worked to become the best in his company and he has achieved it and more. He loves his mother dearly and would do anything for her.

The day

She gets to the airport there is an hour to spare before check in, she sits on the plastic stool close to where they would call for her terminal. Across from her sits this very handsome man his hands are strong and soft and she cannot help stare. He looks up at her, their eyes lock, she blushes and looks away. She can feel his eyes is still fixed on her, as he examines her eccentric clothing, layers of cloth staggered on top of each other and a top full of sculls, nails black with polka dots on. He takes in every bit of her weirdness with great fondness. He has never quite seen a creature so alluring and full of colour, he wants to say hi to her but he knows he is too shy. She keeps on reading but she does not know what her books pages reveal, she wonders what the mystery man is thinking. He was actually stunned by her beauty, he always had the idea conservative girls would be more of his fascination. Seems one is never to old to learn what you like and what not.

He stands up and sits next to her; he is drawn to her like a magnet. She sit up straight and look him in the eyes, he can see her sorrow and her tender soul. He wishes to know her more than he has ever wished for anything. She smiles a faint tender smile. “Hi” he says in his deep voice. “Hi” she says her voice nearly fading in awe. They gaze into each others eyes and the announcement rings load. “My flight is due” he says, stands up and walks away.

She reads the board and realise her flight is also due, she takes her bag and walks to the plane, there is a heavy burden on her small body. She gets to her seat and next to her sits an elderly man; he smiles at her and makes space so she can get to her seat. She has not even sat down and the man starts talking about his ex wife and their five cats and that the ex wife does not want him to see his beloved felines. She wanted to take him by the neck and shake him a bit. Being sweet she just smiled.

She falls asleep against the window the sorrow in her heart so heavy that even her dreams are of tears and pain.

She feels someone touching her hand and whispering in her ear, she moves a bit, can she be dreaming. It is the deep voice from the guy at the airport.
He softly wispers close to her ear: “where have you been all my life?”
She opens her eyes slowly and it really is him sitting there next to her holding her hand. She smiles and says: “Waiting for you!”

The end

This is dedicated to my dear friend C.
You’re so awesome my friend, thanks for being you!!!!


DewyKnickers said...

*sigh* Where can I find a man like that? You are so amazing, your stories sweep me along like the tides.




etain_lavena said...

hihihih...thanks Rose:)
HUGZ back:)

ann said...

oooooh, sighing with Rose. I take so many flights, like yesterday, and that has never never never happened to me ::deep deep sigh::

your writing is beautiful

lotsa luv ann xxxx

p.s. found you at DK's blog

etain_lavena said...

Hey Ann, thanks you kindly and welcome:)

Brian said...

Love the story and how dreamy the sequence is. I kinda thought at the beginning that they were together.

I see my friend Ann has been here. She lives in London.

etain_lavena said...

KEWL......me and my dreamy story:)

Charles Gramlich said...

A lovely scene.

miss magic said...

awww! sweet! I like how you wrote the story about the picture. & the "about him" and "about her" thing.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Hi, Etain. I am always melencholy in airports, because when I leave for my conventions, I am accutely aware that I will be returning to the very same spot. With lots of memories and a long bus ride home. Very nice story, I like that you have it set up in three parts...

etain_lavena said...

thanks Charles and Miss, and Wayne:)