Friday, February 23, 2007

The spell

I have given this some thought, there is allot of job opportunities in this if it actually does work. Say for instance you can be a real double in a horror movie. If the devil should die you can take over his place the list is definitely endless if you do this right.

Now it is a delicate spell and the things you have to do with it must be performed in perfect harmony. Stop asking what am I talking about, all will be revealed in good time. Now lets first start by saying if you are faint at heart do not do this it is not for the garden variety mortal, you have to be strong and a bit crazy.
Now first get the ingredients:
Two toad hind legs both needs to be the left leg.
Then a glass of fairy milk, gross as it might be breast milk, yes.
Then popcorn dipped in cocoa pips.
and a packet of skittles left in the sun for 8 weeks.

Please learn the spell off by heart and you need to lie in front of the TV watching mind numbing movies and eating all of your jummy snaks.
Now the spell was made up by the witch called Manadaria....she is such a cute witch but that is another days story.
Now learn the spell on a full moon night is goes a little bit like this:
Torn of rose,
nose of bat,
my head needs to be attack.
I need two bright horns
and a long black tail.
O gumtree back I need a bat,
ten days and one night
stir over the funny rat.
to be the ultimate brat.

Now if you know this, you can go and watch the mind numbing movies the next day eating(lieing down)....say the spell on the most boring moment in the movie.
When you get up you will have horns and a long black tail, gosh the benefits is just so endless.
Goodbye and Goodnight


Marra said...

Hmmm, be the devil? Thing is...Anyone of us might be the devil. My cousins daughter, after seeing me for the first time, exclaimed that I am a "skelm...". If she didn't say it in a oh so cute way, I would have ask my cousin to take her daugther and never come back...hahahahahahahahahaha

Great story, what makes me think, is how you think you think, that we think in what way do you think, that we think...YOUR CRAZY!!!!


etain_lavena said...

whahahahahahaha...ja kids are cute.....and yes my brain is a bit loony!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

very intersting post, etain. some nice thoughts behind it all.

etain_lavena said...

thanks Wayne:)

Donsie said...

Ja nee, was nog nie in die posisie om sulke goed te doen nie. Mooi oorvertel!!!
Maar ek dink nie ek gaan dit probeer nie!!

Sunny Gecko said...

hey hey...

very interesting... oooohhhh i like but then again i always like your post..


etain_lavena said...

donsie onthou jy toe mens klein was het jou ma altyd gese jy gaan horings kry as jy le en eet. Dis waaraan ek gedink het toe die storie oppop....
thanks sunny:)

Nosjunkie said...

Freddy vs jason thats the mind nimbing movie I pic that way I dont have to wait for the most boring part.
what do skittels look like after 8 weeks in the sun

etain_lavena said...

I guess it is just one mass!

Brian said...

Why Skittles? Because they are a rainbow? Just curious. :)

Thanks for stopping by again, I must not be too scary.

Inconsequential said...

ok, so now i'm the devil, how do I become me again?

etain_lavena said...

hey Brain, no idea why I chose that sweets....your not scary:)
Sorry In I dont know how?

Claudia said...

LOL!! that was very cute!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've mastered the lieing in front of the TV part. Thanks for visiting my blog. You've got a lot of interesting stuff here.

etain_lavena said...

Thanks Claudia,
Pleasure Charles, and feel free to browse my wild world!!:)