Wednesday, February 21, 2007


verly in rooi
naak getooi
broei in bloed
groei in plesier
genot drup in are
rooi vloei deur bloed
ek is die passie
jy is die genot
wie is die dier
bekruip my in vrees
verorber die smeuling
in ure verkul

seduce me in red
nakedly dressed
breed in blood
pleasure grow in veins
red flows trough blood
i am the passion
you are the pleasure
who is the animal
paunch on me in fear
eat the smouldering
in hours betray


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

This is great, as usual. Boy, I can't even be a critic. But I think the last two lines couldn't be more perfect. You know how to tie things up in a knot (around the readers neck) and finish things.

etain_lavena said...

I like to finish, people sometimes wondering what was I saying and leave them with their own thaughts....

Steve Malley said...

Great freaking work!

I *really* liked the short prose piece, too...

Thanks for helping me find your blogs!

Inconsequential said...

cool, does this imply things went well with your friends visit?


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

reads even better the second and third time around, etain. sad and clear images, very good way you put certain end words to lines, i've already commented on the ending. hope its just fiction, not the real thing: the latter would be so incredibly sad.

etain_lavena said...

Hey steve: Not really prose, and why do you put *really* in stars...hmmmm.....but pleasure:)
In: No nothing to do with my friend.
Wayne: Purely Fiction!:)

Nosjunkie said...

I always like the poems moer in english.
wonder why that is
Etain are you getting in touch with your primal erotic side

etain_lavena said...

ja ja it is a book I read I want to make the boring book better!!!!

Brian said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Great poem, so raw and primal. Red is the color of lust.

etain_lavena said...

yes red is, thanks!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

i can think of other things that are red. the summer star arcturus in the northern hemisphere, for one. something else, can't just put my hand on it. all the worse for me. ah, my memory comes and goes...

Reenen said...

Vertaal jy dit uit afrikaans, of vertaal jy dit na engels? Of skryf jy dit in albei van die begin af?

Dis 'n amazing talent om so te kan vertaal.

Do you translate it from Afrikaans, or do you translate it to English? Or do you write it in both from the start?

It's an amazing talent to be able to translate like this

etain_lavena said...

hi Reenen, dit hang af watter een ek eerste skryf, dan vertaal ek die ander een, maar soos jy sien soms verskil die lyne, om die gevoel perfek te kry:)....baie dankie vir die komentaar;)