Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our words

“Stand up dear”
Everyday this very sweet servant tells me to come with her, she seats me on the garden stool. I count the leaves all day, the leaves of my kingdom.
“There you are deary; I will bring you a blanket just now.”
Sometimes the blanket is too hot, but I will not tell her it is her job too serve.
“Adam, you need to see Dr. Baltimore later”
My good friend Dr. Baltimore we don’t talk often anymore in the beginning of our friendship we talked everyday, sometimes even twice a day, but these days I only get to see him once every other week. It’s hard to tell when we see each other days move so slow in my kingdom.

“Claudia, is here too see you dear”
She must come help me count the leaves, oh how brilliant are the autumn leaves, shades of brown and orange. It is absolutely fascinating as if the colours need to be hand picked, leaf by leaf to feel its brilliance.
“Hi Richard, I hope you are well, mom and dad sends their regards. I started university last week. Richard the books, the classes are wonderful”
Count the leaves with me darling you’ve hardly shown me any respect since you came here. “What you been up too Richard, I hear they say you enjoy sitting outside these days, the colours are awesome”
Claudia, are you counting yet where is the paper you must write down what we talk about! Please stop looking at me; you need to show me respect.
“Richard, dad says if you stop doing this he will come and see you, he knows you cannot help yourself. He says the Klaux men are strong, therefore if you cannot get over this, he won’t be able to come visit you.”
The colours are so wonderful all the shades of brown, and yellow, do not forget the orange. The wind is a bit cold now, where is that pleasant server, with that blanket. Seems like the young woman just walked away, the young ones of today really have no respect. I am the ruler; she could have at least bowed before she left.

“Dear, the Dr. will be seeing you now, come on lets go”
I do not quite understand, why I always must go to him, he can come and see me in my chosen place. These days fighting seems so useless. The room smell of pipe tobacco and old books, years an years of dust. I sit down on my big chair. I am the king of this area, and this is fitting that I relax in my chair. I have overthrown many men in war and in battle. It just seems like I am not getting trough the people like I use too, I know my voice is softer, but I am still the king.
“Good morning Mr Klaux”
Why he always calls me Mr I yet needs to understand but I will humour him. I get so tired of these boring introductions, he has known me close to 8 months now, and I consider him a friend not a servant, not a subject. It’s time he also respects me. Look at the colours of the leaves.
“Nurse, says you catatonic state is very severe this time round, but you seem to be content. Please look at me Mr. Klaux.” Does this mean you will count the leaves with me later today?


marra said...

I think I missed the point, but it's so sad and beautiful at the same time.
You truly are a writer of note!

Nosjunkie said...

did you write it

etain_lavena said...

Offcourse I did....I will say if it is someone elses work:)

Rav3nn's angel said...

dis baie hartseer... baie goed geskryf.

etain_lavena said...

dankie.....Nos...why do you ask?

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Marra, I think Etain is saying that the man was once powrful, may still think so in his mind, but is senile and living his old glories. Nos, I can understand wy you asked that, it was a very profound piece. Kind of "in-between" what I've come to expect of etain. Rave3nn's, um, I guess I agree.

etain_lavena said...

I always have to try different things, I need to explore my abilities......:)
Yes the man actually have schizophrenia, he think he is the king of the mental institution( I have helped in such an institution, its weird cause one guy thinks he is the devil and the other think he is god, but they share the same room), and he is catatonic, in this state they sometimes stand funny for hours, cannot talk.....studying psychology always makes me wonder if the sain person is not maybe the insane one....gosh

Donsie said...

Very well written!! Well done!!!

etain_lavena said...

dankie Donsie

Claudia said...

Very nice...sad and disturbing too.