Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ons almal lewe soms/We all live sometimes

For all the English readers just to bring you up too speed. Lelanie’s father is a bad man; her mother has Schizophrenia and is in a special asylum. Her father has a huge orginasation that covers up something. She steals files from the basement of the organisation and found a very disturbing negative for film and she developed it, it made her sick to her stomach. In the files are also receipts and bank details. And she also found out her brother did not die naturally like she was led to believe. There are men with black suites that follow her. The one made as if he is her nephew.
Ok it started with her in a gory meat freezer with a man with a mask standing staring at her. So it’s like she is thinking back over the last few moths to the point she is in the freezer. So I am still in the body of the story. Ok so if I miss something just ask....or the ones that are up too speed just say it in the comments.

Die week wat sy by haar ma deurgebring het, het niks op gelewer nie, haar ma maak nie meer sin nie. Die Maandag ry sy kantoor toe en kry ‘n e-pos van haar pa, waar hy se sy moet dadelik na sy kantoor to kom as sy die e-pos gelees het. Sy staan op en stap die lang gang af na haar pa se kantoor. Die poppie met die uithang borste is nog nie daar nie. Sy klop aan sy deur, hy is ongeskik soos gewoonlik.
“Hoekom besoek jy jou ma ‘n hele week”: se hy half kwaai
“Wat?” se sy voor sy kan dink wat by haar mond uitkom.
“Die suster se jy sit daar en vra haar heeltyd vrae, en sy reageer nie, dit onstel jou” Daar is geen emosie in sy stem nie.
“Ek verlang na haar en het net met haar oor die verlede gesels, dalk sal sy begin gesels, en onthou en nie meer so alleen en verlate daar sit nie” daar is ‘n bewe in haar stem.
“JY gaan net eenkeer ‘n week jy onstel haar, wats fout met jou?” hy is ongeduldig en lees sy rekenaar skerm.
“Dis die eiende van dit, gaan werk nou”
Sy is net te moeg en seer om terug te baklei, hy was nog nooit iemand wat emosie wys nie, hy was nooit ‘n pa vir haar nie.

Later die middag kry sy ‘n oproep van Santon Medi Clinic, Roelf was in ‘n onegluk. Sy se vir haar bestuurder en jaag vinnig na die kliniek, die verkeer is druk soos altyd. Sy kom by die Clinic aan en sy draf na nood gevalle toe. Die dokter verduidelik dat dit lyk of iemand hom van die pad afgedruk het. Hy het erg skade aan sy gesig op gedoen en hy is nou bewusteloos, maar stabiel. Sy voel hoe haar knee knak, maar die Dokter lei haar na ‘n stoel. Sy sit so rukkie en se sy wil dadelik na Roelf toe gaan. Sy staan langs sy bed en dink hoe broos en bleek hy lyk, sy wil huil maar sy sluk haar trane, sy moet sterk wees.
Sy begin vir hom se dat hy asseblief moet sterk wees, en dat sy hom nodig het, sy vertel hom van die bank bestuurder wat sy probeer in die hande kry, als begin in plek val en as sy net die als kan ontbloot kan hulle verdwyn en iewers oor begin.
Sy draai om, om vir haarself koeldrank te gaan koop, haar pa staan daar en gluur haar aan.

The week she spent with her mother, really didn’t deliver anything, her mom was so incoherent and never really made any sense. Monday morning she goes to work as always, se gets an e-mail from her father saying that she must come and see him immediately. She gets up and walks down the long corridor to her father’s office. The girl with the big boobs is not in yet, and she walks into her dad’s office.
He is rude as always, and she sits in front of him.
“Why did you go and visit your mom every day last week?” he is angry in a way.
“What?” she says without thinking what she is saying.
“The nurse says you sit with her and ask her questions that she does not answer” There is no emotion in his voice.
“I miss her and I reminded her of our happy days, then maybe she will get better and then she needs not sit there alone.” There is a quaver in her voice.
“You will only go once a week, you are upsetting her and yourselve what’s wrong with you?” He is impatient and reads what’s on his monitor.
“That’s enough of that, go back to work.”
She is too sad to fight back, he was never one for emotion, he has never been a father too her anyway.

She gets a call that Roelf is in the Santon Medi Clinic, he was in an accident. She tells her boss and then speeds to the clinic, the traffic is bad as always. She gets to the clinic and runs to the emergency ward. The doctor explains that it seems like someone forced him off the road. He sustained facial injuries and he is unconscious at the moment, but stable. She feels how her knees gives way and the doctor guides her to a chair, she sits for a little bit and ask to be taken to Roelf. She stands next to his bed, he looks so frail and pale, she wants to cry but she swallows her tears, she must be strong now.

She starts telling him that he must get better, she also tells him about the bank manager that she is trying to get a hold off. Everything is falling in place, and then when they open the can of worms they can disappear and start over fresh.
She turns around to go and buy some cold drink, and there her father stands staring at her, with those grey dead eyes


Marra said...

Haar pa is ook kens...stuur die pa groendakkies toe.

Was dit die organisasie wat Roelf afgedruk het of 'n taxi? Want deesdae vra almal of dit agente of so was?

Die pa is nie 'n mens nie...'n pa gluur nie vir sy dogter nie.

Wanne kom die volgende?

etain_lavena said...

Ja haar pa is lae luis, jy sal nog sien.
Plus die volgende een gaan nerve recking wees,.....soos in moer erg.....ek sal in week post.

Donsie said...

mmm storie begin nou rigting kry!!! cool kan nie wag vir volgende post!

etain_lavena said...

kwaai......jy sal sien donsie.....dis so lekker....!!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

well, great. i am the first english dookie to comment. i'm guessing volgende means next and lekker if i recall is way super-cool or something close. this is the first i've read (duh), but i recall what you said in your email. i am certainly enjoying this because it is quite different than your flying boy and puppy stories, but shows the emotion of your poetry. i'll practice reading the other chapters in afrikaans in the coming weeks. does the artwork(always the same) have any significance for the story?

etain_lavena said...

Hey W...yes you have you afrikaans down(if one can say that.)...
yes the artwork does in a way fit the story....I think to the end it will make more sense.