Tuesday, February 27, 2007

a Man

There once was a man who lived in a shoe
he made so many children
his sperm was made of glue
it stuck to the egg like shit to the loo

so one day he saw his new bride
polygamy was his favorite past time
he ranted and raved
she moaned and shrieked
all the other wives knew it was a sperm on the loose

there once was a man, who was poor as a rat
rich in children,
but poor in valuta, he needed some cash
he worked and he worked to feed all the mouths
he had his passion still every night.
o dear how he sweat and never got bored
cause a diffrent woman every night
which man dares complain.

there once was a man, who ran away at night
he needed a new life
one with less wives
it was silent and golden, quite and cold
so he got to the border before dawn shed her light
now one would ask what happened to all the wives and there kin?

they all died of hunger before every dawn.

The end

Where did that come from?I have no idea, ask my alter ego all locked up inside:)


Rav3nn's angel said...

dis eintlik hartseer as jy daaraan dink, soveel vroue maar geen liefde, lewe sonde liefde is niks.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

hey there. yes, i always say cool, but i can't offere criticism. there never is any, maaikie. in yesterday's piece isaid how you are very good at slamming weords together; in this piece, particularly like the last line. etain, you've gone so far that not a word of criticism might possibly be used towards your work. unless, that is, i suggested changing your subject matter for once and writing about balding american men. simple as a literary excercise, you see.

etain_lavena said...

Hey Angel ,wel die argument is dat hul elke vrou lief het. ek raai ons sal nie weet nie....
whahahahah.....ok Wayne I will make a plan:)

Donsie said...

very good!!!! I Like!!!!

etain_lavena said...

thanks chicky:)