Thursday, February 01, 2007

I run when I love

cant be with you
I cant be with out you
need you.
I want you.

push you away
I need to say:
I do this
When your inside
I get scared.
When you move inside
I want to run
It’s me,
It’s me.

I want to be free,
With you
I want to touch you
I need you,
I want you,
Please save me.

Save me from me
Such a burden
Such a torment
If you can do this
Please do it now

If you feel I am not worth it
Walk away,

I touch
I feel
I taste
I need


Marra said...

Wowie...soos bespreek dink ek nie jy het iets om oor te worry nie.Maar ek kan verkeerd wees. Ek is ook moeg weet jy. Maar dis nie ter sprake nie.

Dis beter om te hardloop as jy nie seker is nie. Netnou bly jy saam met 'n slegte, slegte mens.So enige twyfel is waarskuwings ligte...En as die persoon dit nie kan hanteer, dan moet hy pokkof...Maklik soos dit. :-)

Gremlin said...

mmmm Baie goed.

Weet nie wat an gan nie maar stem saam met marra. as daar iets missing of iets nie leker is nie los eerder as wat jy aan gaan en in die einde van die dag net erger seer kry.

Inconsequential said...

made me think of Leonard Cohen...

hmmm, gonna have to go listen to some to find out why...

Have Fun :)

NICKNAME said...

this guy with no name sure would be shocked to find this out.i know i would be everyone here is supportive of u what if the guy is a nice guy?not a slegte, slegte mense, oh well beautiful poem my eyes tremble to release tears because they will never stop.keep up the good writting i always love your stuff!!!

etain_lavena said...

This was not meant to say the guy was sleg. This was meant that the guy, help me to stop running from love.
I wanted this guy to phone me and say he will be there for me and we will feel together and he will care for me no matter what. I think sometimes I expect to much....I am sadden beyond believe, and I do not want pitty from anyone, I am just saying. I wanted him to say your worth the fight!!

Marra said...

Dearest NICKNAME, when you make your own assumptions without reading or understanding the comments completely, it's a dirty sin. Not one mofo here said she is living with a sleg guy or involved with a sleg guy.

I SAID:If your unsure Boo, rather run then be unhappy.But she is happy you nitwit. The general opinion on the poem is wrong. Like she said, if her special guy is strong enough, rescue her from herself. Whoever it is. No one here knows her special guy, I made the first comment only on the run part of the poem. And the rest followed.

Come on......

Have a blessed day.

Donsie said...

mmm stunning poem Boo. Nog baie om te se, maar nie vir die publieke oog...

Rav3nn's angel said...

ek dink dis haar besluit en maak nie saak wat enige iemand se nie sy moet met haar besluit saamleef... of wat dink julle??