Friday, February 09, 2007

Frankie the flying boy

O what a brilliant site, the sky, the sun, the trees…everything is in perfect harmony. Frankie was such an amazing boy, only seven years old and he could fly trough the sky. He stayed with his granny, because Mommy and Daddy travel the world. They study the nature and he always gets the most amazing presents. He sometimes misses them on a rainy day. That’s just because he cannot go and fly and play with all his friends in the forest.

Now how does he fly you would ask, it is a secret kept well by the universe, when he was a tiny baby he started floating out of his crib. His mom would scream out of sheer fear. Being a woman of the world, she read a lot of books on what is happening to her little baby boy. It was amazing and so fascinating. He was gifted and he could fly. So trough his baby year’s mommy helped him sore the sky by tying a string to his leg so he would not soar away. He was so exited and enjoyed every moment of flying high.

Once a flock of geese joined him and he flew in their v-formation. When he landed he stood there waving as they disappeared behind the sun. He made so many wonderful friends in his short live. He also sat under the Big Old oak and ate is penutbuter and jelly sandwiches. He would talk to his Best friend Robin (Robin was a pretty small bird with a bright red chest). They would talk about far off places and colourful people, big animals, small animals, buildings and towers.
It was amazing to talk about all the colour and fun in the world.

Today I fly to Mommy and Daddy it is said their in India now (That’s where the postcard was last from). Sweet Frankie checked on the world map and knew exactly where he needed to go. So he asked Robin to join him and the two friends set out to go visit Mommy and Daddy.

This is meant as a kiddie’s story, I think….:)

Pic from Angelflyer


Rav3nn's angel said...

dis cute...

etain_lavena said...


Pod said...

gooie more!

Claudia said...

that's cute!! Like pod said...more!!

etain_lavena said...

hihihih...Pod you get afrikaans??
Thanks Claudia..:)

Inconsequential said...

lol :)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

etain, if only flying was that simple. when I was a kid, back in the day, I thought that if I could find a way to float, I could let the planet revolve underneath me, and then land in Iowa or something by mistake. I really was avoiding walking to school because of bullies, and I could fly over them.

etain_lavena said... I know id only it was so easy....:(