Saturday, February 03, 2007

Blowpie's problem

I got an Idea off of Ray’s blog, a singular picture. To me it looked like an underwater circus tent. Now I will try my hand at a kiddie story.

All the fishy’s are so happy and exited, the circus is coming to the reef and they all know what that means, fun, spongy sweets, and laughter. It was a wavy Saturday morning when the circus rolled in. The carriages where made of big shells, painted in the most magical colours; pink, green, purple, orange. All the school fish came out to watch the string of brightly coloured wagons move along the reef.
They saw the magical seahorses, walking acrobatic starfish, and the orange octopus.
All the kiddie fishes where giggling and laughing.

Dark came over the ocean and all the glowing fish brightened the Reef, every family on the Reef went, except the blow-up fish family. Blowpie was so sad, he so wanted to go, he begged his Daddy, but Daddy said: “You know what happens when you get exited....POOF you blow up and drift away.” “ I promise I won’t go POOF daddy, I so want to go!” He could hear the circus music starting in the distance; he could also hear the cheers of all his happy friends.
The next day at school everybody was laughing and talking about the best time they had the night before Except Blowpie, he kept to himself. Miss. Turtoile saw this and kept Blowpie in at break.
“Why are you so sad Blowpie?”
“My dad said I am not allowed to go to the circus because I will get exited, POOF and drift away.”
Miss Turtoile felt so bad for Blowpie that she made up a super plan.
After break she said to the class:” I have a very important assignment for all of you, we are going on a class trip tonight, and I will phone all your parents to say if you can’t go you will loose a lot of marks.”
Blowpie’s face lit up like a stingray, Miss Turtoule smiles at him and winked.

That night he is all ready to go, Dad did not say anything because Miss Turtoile phoned him. The school bus arrives and he swims onto it very exited, they drive to the circus and as they get close he gets so exited……….POOF…….oooo nooo he drifts away!!!


captain corky said...

Fun story! Is there going to be a part 2? The hunt for Blowpie.

Inconsequential said...

Excellent :)
A sort of Brothers Grim type tale.

I shall read this one to my daughter some time soon :)

etain_lavena said...

aaahhhhh....the hunt will be a very daring tale I think....I am gonna start a proper kiddies blog I am just waiting for my animator friend to get some free time to draw my will be a grim tale Of a little girls who's father is the grim reeper....I cant wait thats gonna be fun.
In I hope ur daughter likes it...