Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A perfect life.

He walked down the same street everyday, passing the same trees, same houses and same cars. He does not really care his life was manageable, he did not need to hurry, he did not need to feel. He walked with his black briefcase, and grey suite. He dressed in the same manner everyday. His hair was combed slick back with no hair out of place. His light blue shirt was pressed to perfection. The perfect day is now done, all he needs do tonight is read.

He got up every morning and drank one cup of black coffee. Sitting by the kitchen table he read the Morning paper. The coffee would steam and the heat will move from his mouth in a dusty mist. He would sigh and read the headlines, death mayhem and pain. That's all this city know, this all this city reports. He would get up from the table and walk to his room, take out the first light blue shirt, they hang in one perfect blue line. He would take out his Monday grey suite, because it is Monday and he would put on his grey jockey underwear, his suite pants will follow and then the shirt and grey tie. He will put on his grey socks and tie his black shoes. The Jacket is the last perfecting element.
He would walk down the apartment stairs and walk straight down the same street with the same houses, the same trees and the same cars. He never minded much, life was perfect. He would sit in is office and work on his laptop, he would talk to his secretary about daily work matters, the same conversation, the same pathetic smile, the same perfect life.

On weekends he would spend his time reading, filling his mind with the most glorious stories, of far off countries, foreign people and magic around every corner.
He would get in his perfect bed every night with his sheets tightly folded, with his hands above the sheets on his chest, he would fall into dreamland. He would dream of a life he leads in far off places, with a foreign wife, and magic around every corner.

I guess all I wanted to say with this piece, maybe we need the drama/pain/suffering/Joy/pleasure in our lives, I don't want perfect!


Nosjunkie said...

verry verry nice
I bitch about all the drama in my life constantly... if its not death then its bad relationships and ex-boyfrineds who just dont get it.
but truth be told the thing that I am starting to despise most is my job and the fact that its always the same
that and my paychequ which also never changes

Rav3nn's angel said...

ek stem saam met jou, ek het eerder n lewe vol pyn en drame as n lewe wat dag in en dag uit dieselfde is...

Gremlin said...

I do agree. Love it to be happy the one day and just so sad and down the next that I'; almost willing to stop all life in every singel atom in side of my body.

Got to love it. hehe

etain_lavena said...

Without everything that happens with us we are nothing, we do not feel!!!

lost said...

happy thoughts make for a happier life... sometimes faking happiness leads to feeling happy for no appparent reason..

lovies ;)

Marra said...

Perfection sometimes overflow as deception. As a human, you'll know or see some perfection in life. But our eyes do not trust, and our ears are suspicious.

TV series line used for my better half, I think it was Grey's Anatomy:"I don't love you despite your faults, I love you because of them."

etain_lavena said...

Yes, when I heard that line I just melted....its so beuatiful.....Hugz parratjie....
Love you maaikie