Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My pet Heart

If I can use any part of you as a pet, I would want to use your heart.
It's very logical if you think about it. Your Kidneys is of no use to me, it is soggy with yellow fluid that drips behind it and leaves a horid smell.
I can use your hand but it might touch me in public and how will I explain that to my mom? Your liver is all used up, years of party has depleted most of the useful cells and I just dont want a used up pet.
I dont want to use a foot, cause frankly your feet smell, and walking all day in the sun leaves an awefull stench. Your lungs might work, but to think of the squeking noise that it makes all the time, in and out the air will go. I just wonder how I will sleep or listen to the radio with the hissing by my side. If I use your small intestine and I drag it behind me, poeple will step on it in the mall, and I will be jerked around all day, no thank you I say.
Now let me explain why your heart, A heart falls in love and it will follow me around like a love sick puppy. We all know I love attention and all the more reason to use your heart. The beating off it will sooth me at night and I will fall asleep beside you. I can keep your heart as my own, without upsetting anyone. I can take care of your heart and make sure no one breaks it again.
I will keep it under lock and chain and I will feed it hugs and kisses all day round. Just sorry that you might die tonight when I take your precouis heart, but we all make sacrifices in the end


NICKNAME said...

I LOVE IT!!!Just be carefull with that heart it had a hole in it once it might spew heart candy on you!!oh p.s you make me wanna cry alot!!!

etain_lavena said...

whahahahahahaha.....heart candy gosh funny bunny ;-)

lost said...

what about eyeballs.. after you've looked at the beauty of life through different lenses, you can throw it in your brew..

lieffies XXX

etain_lavena said...

Yes Eyeballs can be used but do you want eyes lokking at you all day long.....scary scary!
dankie maaikie

the guy who writes this crap said...

heehee...that was cool :-D

etain_lavena said...

Thanks GUY