Thursday, January 04, 2007

Katinka's puppy

All that Katinka wanted was a puppy. Her mom did not like the idea of a fury animal in the house, licking toes and need of cuddling. Not to mention the fact that it leaves its little yellow puddle's all over her white carpets. That was just not going to happen, not in Mrs Husselberries house. Katinka's father always traveled, and he always brought brilliant gifts for his daughter and wife. Katinka misses her father so much that she just wish he can come home and stay home.

Her mother handed her a letter from her father, on the misty Wednesday morning. She was so exited that she immediately took it and sat on her big white fluffy bed. The pillows were pink and the bedding had big bright butterflies on. The bedding her dad bought for her on his previous trip. She opened the letter and the paper was brown and dark, big and bold letters, just like her dad, big and bold and wonderful. She felt over the paper with her small bony hands:

My darling daughter.
I came across the most fascinating animals on my current trip. They will amaze you and make you scared all at once. I am bringing you a puppy, but it will not upset your mother as it is not of the dog species she so hates. It will not make yellow puddles on her carpets. It will not want her to cuddle it and you will have the pet you so long more than anything.
My darling, you must not tell your mother yet, when I get home I will tell her and show her then and there.
Till we meet again my angel I will keep you save in your dreams.

She leaped of her bed and ran down the stairs: "Daddy, will be home soon: "she screams on top of her voice. Her mother nearly fell of the Garden chair knocking her pretty tea cup off the table and spilling tea all over herself and the floor. Katinka was sent to her room and there she remained for the day. That did not worry her one bit, because her father is bringing her a puppy.

Five sleeps went by and she woke up Monday morning with the sound of tyre meeting gravel. She jumped out of her bed and got dressed, her yellow dress was the choice, tied her hair and ran to the stairs. Her father and mother was standing in the hall talking. Her mother is fuming mad, her mother never raised her voice or lost control. Today is a different story: Are you mad Henry, to bring that ghastly beast into our home." "Sweetheart you said that she cannot have a puppy, this animals name is mearly Puppy but it has no connection to the dog specie." Her mother threw a handkerchief at her dad and walked into the garden, mumbling.

"KATINKA": her dads voice came crisp and clear from the hall. "Come get your puppy"
She ran down the stairs and there it was big and perfect. It is the most beautiful puppy she has ever seen in her life. Not forgetting that she is only ten. Still the most perfect pet ever. She ran to her puppy and hugged it as tight as she could. Softly saying: "My Puppy."


lost said...

it's a frikken babboon.. cute, i like it..
luffies you..

Nosjunkie said...

Mmm I have no idea what it is but by the looks of the pic its the product of a badly executed cross breading excersise between an ant-eater and a rat.

etain_lavena said...

whahahahahah....hey gotta love that pic....luffies you too lost.

lost said...

ok.. see the pic.. eeeuuuw

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

One of my favorites. Always will be.